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hey fediiii just a remin der i have an alt acct at @lewdshock

i am going to install fedora linux on my personal computer (again)

I wrote about the VRChat EAC controversy, just because I needed to get it off my chest.

Fedi, looking for smthn - is there a TamperMonkey script that adds like/RT counts next to the icons, like on Twitter?

logging into tumblr and fedi is just seeing screenshots of tweets i already saw on twitter

potential hot take, typing habits 

Like, all of a sudden words that they simply struggled to read are now borderline unrecognizable. It just doesn’t make any sense, especially when the people utilizing them typically show competence with typing otherwise

Also, I can only imagine how much of a hell scape it must be for users of screen readers. It does not look like it plays nicely with them at all.

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potential hot take, typing habits 

like, for a community so concerned with accessibility, I feel like people don’t understand how much those stupid little typing gimmicks make things more difficult. It turns reading into an Active task instead of a passive one - something you have to actually think about doing instead of it just…happening.
Plus, I know for some people - like one of my gfs - who have dyslexia and other reading problems, it can reading an actual active hell for them

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potential hot take, typing habits 

I realize this may not be the most popular opinion on this site but there are so many little typing things that are just so…frustrating. I feel like people who try to rewrite words (using “nya” as a replacement for a letter or sound, for example) or replace random letters with numbers (leetspeek died for a reason) fail to grasp that not only does that make it actively difficult to read, but it’s also flat out just an accessibility nightmare

hey fedi, so. I'm looking into self-hosting a media service Again.

I've been looking at Plexamp or Rune, simply because they integrate well with like, Tidal. But I'd much prefer Spotify integration.

Are there any self-hosted media servers (proprietary is OK) that have Spotify integration the way Plex has tidal integration?

Mastodon question: does the web app just get slower the more followers/following you have? am I federating Too much? I feel like my web app has been slow for a While


VTube Studio running Proton, using NDI to pipe the image directly from VTS into OBS.

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