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Hey Fedi! It's time for my Tetris Marathon Donathon!! Come join me for 4+ hours of Tetris!!

GPU sold!! Thanks for all the boosts everyone ;;v;; 💛💛💛


Trying to sell this RX 5600 XT, quickly.

$325. AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT, MSI MECH OC version. Been using it for almost two years and keeping it nice and clean. Never used for mining or overclocking.

Will ship to US, Canada, and will ship it out sometime next week. PayPal Goods and Services preferred, can negotiate/open to offers.


Money, vent 

The reason I’m doing a donathon despite buying an expensive GPU is because my mother has randomly decided to ask for rent. I’ve put my 5600 XT up for sale and also some rarer retro games, but come Monday I’ll only have like, $4 in my bank account. I really need tomorrow to go well or someone to just. Help me out. I’m fucking scared dude


Hello fedi!~

I've gotta raise a bit of money so tomorrow I'm doing a Tetris Marathon Donathon!

I'll be running a *Single Round* of Tetris...for four hours straight. No top-outs, no restarts.

Incentives will be in the replies to this post! My goal is $300!

You can check out my stream page below:

Or if you want to help my Ko-Fi:

Also if anyone wants to pitch in to my “just spent a lot of money on a GPU for the sake of content creation”, and doesn’t want old video games shipped to their house,

Selling some video games 

Selling some video games if anyone is interested. PayPal only, US shipping. Mostly NES stuff. Loose cartridges, will ship with covers.

Dragon Warrior 3 — $125
Mega Man 3 — $25
Mega Man 4 — $50

Complete in box, PS2:
Silent Hill 2 — $110

I also have a bunch of loose NES games of <$20 value, if that’s of any help.

aha hey anyone interested in buying an RX 5600 XT

every day that crypto keeps crashing i get a little bit happier

yeah I am "settling for Windows" but honestly it works fine and I don't feel like I'm fighting my system anymore so it's nice. I log in, I play Valorant, and I stream. Nothing else

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like? honestly? i kinda bounced back and forth between Linux and Windows but being Forced to use Windows because it's all that I have at least takes that weird feeling of anxiety off me. on the downside I am using Windows but at least that weight is off my shoulders

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I do not know how to describe this feeling but honestly ever since I removed my extra hard drives and have been forced to only boot Windows I have felt significantly less stressed about my choice of operating system

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