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Alright, everyone!

The MacYak PowerPC Challenge will be underway *very* soon, so this is my last post from my main rig.

The PowerPC Challenge page on my site is now live! Check it often, as I'll be posting there. Probably a lot.

My instance is back! That means I can finally say this lmao

I moved back to The Apothecary for my Matrix account instead of my own home server! I was tired of dealing with DigitalOcean and Cloudron lmao

miiiiiiiiiiiiight have to clear my entire matrix install and just fucking start fresh. oops

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okay so actually it apparently updated, and stopped receiving messages after that update


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i literally Did Not Touch my cloudron hosting this thing. what the FUCK

nsfw joke i stole 

You claim to be an anarchist. Yet you like it when I stimulate your pro state. Curious.

does anyone know how the FUCK to force a 'refresh' of matrix. both my phone and desktop Element clients say that everyone is offline and I haven't received any new messages since the 22nd of December.

The MacYak 2022 PowerPC Challenge starts TOMORROW, so I wrote a blog post about it!~

Read it here:

aight sorry for the lewd boost anyways onto posting actual good content

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hi everyone!!

thank you for the boosts!!

i wanted to let you all know that i'll be taking my post down, I've had enough people help me out and I should be able to survive until next paycheck

thank you <3

i'm currently working on trying to get more commissions and find a job that actually works me a consistent schedule to avoid this from happening


I hate not being able to give anything in return so if you donate I’ll add your name to a special section on my website or something. I’ll figure it out


Step 1. Install broadcom-wl from the AUR
Step 2. run sudo modprobe -r b44 b43 b43legacy ssb brcmsmac
Step 3. run modprobe wl

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Alright people here who use Linux more than I do. I am requesting help.

What is this error code (error -95). I have googled it and found Nothing.

The bluetooth part worked out of the box.

So where the FUCK is my wifi???

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Nothing makes me desire death more than trying to get fucking Broadcom WiFi working on Arch.

On Pop? Easy. Ubuntu? Walk in the park.


I have tried b43-firmware on it's own, broadcom-wl-dkms on it's own, broadcom-wl on it's own, and b43 and broadcom-wl together, and it just. Won't. Fucking. Work.

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