Tonight, at 9:00pm ET, it's time for Day 3 of the VRChat Marathon!! I’ve been raising money for a Valve Index, and we’re almost at 50% of the way there!

Join me for a fun evening of guests, friends, and an Entirely Improvised TED Talk by yours truly!~

Come hang out - and let's hit that $300 milestone!!!

@marenzie Valve Index! I’be been saving for a Bit and I’ve wanted one for a while, especially since it’d make my job as a content creator a lot easier

Hey fedi~

I’m currently running a little donation incentive on my main to help me fundraise for a new better VR headset. My old Rift S is being given away to a fellow content creator.

If you want to support me and help me make that easier, here are donation incentives!


VTube Studio running Proton, using NDI to pipe the image directly from VTS into OBS.

Just spent like an hour trying to get Github actions to deploy The Jukebox to Neocities and I finally fucking did it

en d me

I wrote a post about my first 24 hours with the 2021 MacBook Pro.

"If You Give A Girl A MacBook"

Now the hard part of things - trying to find a half-decent Mastodon client for macOS lmao

< (re) Introduction > 

Hello, fedi! I'm Amber! Nice to meet you - again!
I'm trans, genderfluid, queer, and autistic. This is my personal, more tech-oriented account parallel my Vtuber twitter!

I'm a graphic designer (lead GFX design for Sonic Runners Revival), Vtuber, and tech enthusiast!

Thanks for stopping by!~ Feel free to say hello - I like making new friends! <3

< Daily kit and specs > 

Gaming Rig (Kohaku ~Append~):
- Ryzen 5 3600
- GeForce RTX 2080 Super
- 32GB DDR4
- Windows 11

MacBook Pro (Neon):
- Apple M1 Pro
- 16GB LP-DDR5
- macOS

iPhone Xs (Marina):
- Stock iOS
- 64GB, space gray


@neo yeah, it’s already sold, sold it the day after. sorry!!

now that i have such a powerful gpu i actually have zero idea what to do with it

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