Hey hey, for the foreseeable future, I'm moving over to @koda on misskey! I might be back here soon though, not entirely sure yet.

Would love to see u there <3


I just want someone with a fat cock to rub it off in front of my face and shoot their load all over and down my throat

I’m so excited to have a degoogled Android phone soon.

It’s really nice knowing I’ll be able to keep my phone under control my without sacrificing all of my convenience and functionality.

I’ve long since come to terms with the fact that I’ll be stuck on Windows with proprietary garbage for the foreseeable future, but being able to take control on my phone is exciting.

If you’re willing to spare the time, comments and explanations are welcome. I have no clue what I’m doing

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hey fedi need some android tips

Looking into custom ROMs for my LG V40, but like, most of them are outdated. I’ve checked XDA, and it seems there are only two updated ROMs

Evolution X was last updated in December, but has GApps pre-flashed and no gapps-free images.

Meanwhile, CrDroid doesn’t have GApps, but hasn’t been updated since October. Will probably install microG.

Which of is the safer bet? I’m still not familiar with Android ROMs. I’d like to be de-Googled, but not sure how feasible.

what video game soundtracks are good? 


also sobs thank u 😭💛

what video game soundtracks are good? 

@cal I’m sorry I couldn’t resist the devs still won’t promote me to social media team

what video game soundtracks are good? 


Sega killed the game in 2016 sadly, taking it offline

This is where I get to say I’m lead graphic designer for Sonic Runners Revival, a fully functional replacement server complete with new characters and features; we’re still running new events and we’re on iOS and Android!


ph?-, dysphoria 

I just checked my arms. My upper arms have fucking insane stretch marks. where did this come from. why are my arms so fat. I could’ve sworn I’ve gotten stronger with more muscle?? Where did this come from I hate it

I’ve been having a dysphoria attack ever since. I have a fucking dad body I don’t want this I’ll never want this

what video game soundtracks are good? 

@cal it’s like a three way tie between:

- Sonic Runners, which is just genuinely beautiful music
- Sonic Generations, a soundtrack full of remixes of the “best of” the franchise
- Sonic Forces, a bit mixed within the community but I love the electronic approach

hey does anyone know if there’s a FluffyChat built for Windows?

@ArcaneSlime can’t vouch for android but it works quite nicely on ios!

i figured out why i hated matrix and it was actually the client's fault

@qorg last i checked windows command prompt doesn't have access to push notifications :p

@00dani i like cuddling girls :) they're soft and warm

im using whalebird atm but im not sure if it's.... The Best

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are there any good mastodon clients for desktop windows?

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