i figured out why i hated matrix and it was actually the client's fault

Alright, y'all can stop getting on me for being an iPhone user now ^^;;;

I hate how badly I want this. I want this so fucking bad

this is the greatest thing epic games has added to fortnite since 2020



Using Proton to run it and WiFi to connect it to my iPhone, then green-screening out the background.

Time to get the Stream Deck working!

Did you know?

I have a Discord server, and this is the last time until Thursday I'll promote KODA things here. Promise.


Hello gamers!

That's right I'm using Masto to shamelessly self-promote again!

January 13, I'll be hosting my live vtuber debut stream! There will be fun user events and a Sonic Riders competitive 'grudge match' and some cool funny things.

If you wanna stop by, it'd be awesome if you did <3

you know this is just a wip of the much longer blog post i was going to write but in all honesty this is a lot funnier

i literally Did Not Touch my cloudron hosting this thing. what the FUCK

The MacYak 2022 PowerPC Challenge starts TOMORROW, so I wrote a blog post about it!~

Read it here:

Alright people here who use Linux more than I do. I am requesting help.

What is this error code (error -95). I have googled it and found Nothing.

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