Tonight, at 9:00pm ET, it's time for Day 3 of the VRChat Marathon!! I’ve been raising money for a Valve Index, and we’re almost at 50% of the way there!

Join me for a fun evening of guests, friends, and an Entirely Improvised TED Talk by yours truly!~

Come hang out - and let's hit that $300 milestone!!!

Hey fedi~

I’m currently running a little donation incentive on my main to help me fundraise for a new better VR headset. My old Rift S is being given away to a fellow content creator.

If you want to support me and help me make that easier, here are donation incentives!


VTube Studio running Proton, using NDI to pipe the image directly from VTS into OBS.


6108 lines cleared, over 17 million points, four hours of Tetris - and my goal of $300 smashed!!


Hey Fedi! It's time for my Tetris Marathon Donathon!! Come join me for 4+ hours of Tetris!!


Trying to sell this RX 5600 XT, quickly.

$325. AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT, MSI MECH OC version. Been using it for almost two years and keeping it nice and clean. Never used for mining or overclocking.

Will ship to US, Canada, and will ship it out sometime next week. PayPal Goods and Services preferred, can negotiate/open to offers.



Hello fedi!~

I've gotta raise a bit of money so tomorrow I'm doing a Tetris Marathon Donathon!

I'll be running a *Single Round* of Tetris...for four hours straight. No top-outs, no restarts.

Incentives will be in the replies to this post! My goal is $300!

You can check out my stream page below:

Or if you want to help my Ko-Fi:

worked on a mashup today

Rolling Start!! (The King of Speed) -- Wowaka, Hatsune Miku, SEGA, Beat_Shobon

Waifu -- S3RL

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