hey fedi need some Distro Advice

I've got a laptop with a kind of small battery (3600 mAh), and an i5-8365U. what do you recommend for a Linux distro? do you know any specific ones with good battery?

@loveshock not a distro recommendation but a list of what to look for or to do:
- lean desktop environment like KDE Plasma or XFCE
- power management through TLP (power-profiles-daemon overwrites its settings tho)
- kernel and Mesa release from the last two years
- preinstalled vaapi drivers
- force GPU acceleration in Chromium/ Electron based application

In particular TLP is pretty powerful. You can enforce power targets in the intel pstate driver. Trisquel is very solid, My core 2 duo laptop runs it just fine. Otherwise I think MX is nice.

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