okay so I got a Chromebook and I have so many mixed emotions on it

Like, okay, specs are great, with an i5-8365U and 16GB RAM with a nice 1080p touch screen, but the trackpad is mediocre, and I have...conflicting feelings on Chrome OS overall. I think it's okay but I kinda miss some aspects of like, a regular Linux distribution

@loveshock yeah, that's about how i felt - it was really only ever useful to me as a secondary machine for travel or auxiliary use

I've been out of the Chromebook modding scene for a while but I think your laptop is supported by's firmware, then you cas install any OS you want. (Unchromebooking it of course)
I used a €250 (about US$350 at the time) Chromebook as my main device for 8 years that way

Just don't get GalliumOS, it used to be the best, but development has sadly ended

@kainisenni oh i'm fully aware that it works! I got Fedora working (almost) flawlessly OOB earlier. Just not sure if that's the best route

I've seen quite a few Gallium users go to Xubuntu (which Gallium is based on), Manjaro XFCE, and Peppermint OS (A Debian based OS that also does ChromeOS's webapp integration stuff).
I would go with Fedora or a Spin myself because of personal preference, but I don't see many use it on a Chromebook.
None of these are as Chromebook-focused as GalliumOS (which almost always worked perfectly OOB), but with some tweaking they should all get there.

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