My RTX 2080 Super comes in alongside another lot of 16GB RAM, so I’ll have an R5-3600, 32GB RAM, and a 2080S. This was - and is - almost a dream machine, save for the CPU (which I’ll be upgrading to an R9-5900X in a few weeks).

I’m incredibly humbled and honored to have a community and viewer base that make this both attainable and justifiable. I started Project: Kohaku on an i5-2400 and 1050 Ti, so to come all the way from that to a beast of a rig is honestly shocking.


Being able to finally build a machine that I’ve always wanted *and* using it to bring love and joy and entertainment to people, it’s absolutely something I wouldn’t have dreamed of in 2020.

I’m honestly so grateful, to everyone. Those of you on Fedi, those of you who aren’t. Thank you. 💛

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