I do not know how to describe this feeling but honestly ever since I removed my extra hard drives and have been forced to only boot Windows I have felt significantly less stressed about my choice of operating system

like? honestly? i kinda bounced back and forth between Linux and Windows but being Forced to use Windows because it's all that I have at least takes that weird feeling of anxiety off me. on the downside I am using Windows but at least that weight is off my shoulders

yeah I am "settling for Windows" but honestly it works fine and I don't feel like I'm fighting my system anymore so it's nice. I log in, I play Valorant, and I stream. Nothing else

@loveshock it's really about what you want out of your system as a user. if windows works for you that's good, i tend to have too many frustrations with it or things just not working as well on it.

@electricpocky The problem is, uh...quite a few things.

- Valorant doesn't work and I'm chronically addicted to this game
- Fortnite also doesn't work
- OBS doesn't have transparent capture
- VTube Studio running in Proton can't see my iPhone

And, the biggest dealbreaker:

- Affinity Photo *STILL* doesn't run on Wine or Proton

So until at the *VERY* least Affinity Photo works, I'm on Windows.

@electricpocky I love Linux - I like Fedora a lot!! - but it just *isn't* there for what I need.

The time investment to re-learn everything and switch to something else (like GIMP, which I hate with a PASSION) just isn't worth it at all.

@electricpocky Plus Linux hates my WiFi card for some reason. Linux distros stop making Broadcom WiFi a hellish landscape challenge

@loveshock @electricpocky the worst part about this is that broadcom was hellish on linux a decade ago too . . . it's a special sort of perpetual hell

@ashe @loveshock i mean yeah the best thing you can do is do research beforehand and make sure you buy stuff that has good driver support on linux. i've fallen into that trap too, but i don't think it's particularly fair to hate linux because of it. hate the manufacturers instead

@loveshock the games i can definitely tell you is due to the anticheat they use.. which i thiiiink is getting looked at being supported? it's pretty nasty stuff tho imo :blobnervous:

@electricpocky Tim Sweeney has actively said Fortnite's EAC and BattlEye will never get Linux support enabled (sadly) and I do not think Riot's anti-cheat will ever work on Linux since it's kernel level.

@loveshock Three things have kept me persisting with Linux: lower hardware requirements, being able to do stuff in a shell, and virtual desktops. PowerShell sorts the second, Windows11 the third. Not gonna switch, but next new machine with chunky spec is going to be the first one that doesn't immediately get a Linux install.

@loveshock yeah right now the thing that meets my needs best is Windows on bare metal and Linux in a VM - for a lot of similar reasons. everybody comes up with the solution that works the best for them

@Snuggle @loveshock hopefully event viewer can help diagnose the issue?

@Snuggle huh, wild. maybe it's my hardware but I was able to install Win10 just fine and the Win11 upgrade was seamless

@loveshock I felt similar when I moved Snow Leopard off of my 2009 MacBook and just had El Capitan. Everything felt so much... better in a way I can't quite describe.

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