Hey fedi! I've gone and made a Twitter post about a small quick guide to Mastodon for people who aren't thrilled about Elon's buying of the company. If any of y'all have Twitter accounts, RTs would be much appreciated~! sure i'll do that. but perhaps you should consider making this documentation like in pdf format or something?

@logan I'd consider it but it's pretty short as it is and honestly it's only really meant as a guide for "twitter users". I think anyone who can find a PDF for a manual probably doesn't need it to understand Masto! not for the twitter users. mainly for preservation of the information.

if you don't do it then i hope you don't mind if i do.

@loveshock @logan I have a site that I was really bad at adding other fedi platforms to or updating. But maybe I should dust it off soon...

Feel free to take whatever from here that you want someones already got the info in a proper format. very nice.
might consider looking over there as well.

only reason though i'm concerned for the preservation of information regarding the original post on twitter is. your posting information that will lead to people leaving their site.
I do not think they would appreciate this.

@loveshock Hi there! Is there a text version without images? I only RT accessible posts. My followers wouldn't get the full context because the alt text is missing from the images.

@loveshock this is great, thanks for the writeup! One aspect i’m lost on is migrating the accounts to have a single place to view all of my instances, or is there a better way?

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