Alright, folks. If you liked my last toot, you'll love this one.

The longest post I've ever written.
Why I'm quitting the PowerPC challenge, or...

"I Hate Computers"

@loveshock hey cool, your first smartphone was a 4S in 2014 too! I got mine from my dad when he got a 5S

@LunaDragofelis Nice!! I got a 4S from my mom when she went to the 6 Plus

@loveshock i think the internet as it is now was a mistake.
everything has been optimised to turn users in to profit making machines for anonymous shareholders.
This shit keeps happening every few generations:

@Luna never even thought about TV this way but it makes sense now that I’ve heard it

Media was a mistake

@loveshock If you sign up and use twitter you become a product of twitter. Datapoints, preferences, everything thats valuable to ad-agencies, to big data corps.
In the generation of the net that i just barely missed, Usenet was huge. Before it was huge, it was an inside-club between university students who used it to exchange ideas, discuss anything really. And then the "usenet providers" moved in to sell access to this userbase and its content to anybody. Suddenly you and what you wrote became a product somebody else sold for profit.
It's insane.
@loveshock I could rant forever lol
Some start-ups just exist to be bought out. They amass a userbase which in turn becomes part of the equity of the company to be sold for a profit.

@Luna GOD I fucking hate capitalism. Such a boring dystopia holy fuck

At this point I hate that I can’t just up and avoid Twitter and YouTube and that crap

@loveshock It's really really *really* difficult to avoid becoming a product. I think you can only stick to self-hosted services or use a service of a friend. Fedi or whatever. Or pay to use something. Even Windows is going down the path. I wouldn't be surprised if windows eventually became free-to-play lol

@Luna genuinely i forget that windows *isn't* already free to be quite honest. there's no way people actually pay $130 for this shit right

@loveshock I think most people get it for free when they buy a pre-built PC or laptop and then the MS pushed the upgrade to Win10 and now Win11 to them for free.
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