tech, mental health, social media 

One thing the PowerPC challenge has taught me is that I am far too affixed to my social media platforms for me to be able to handle the mental health implications of being on a machine where I am not online the entire time

the PPC challenge was/is fun but I should not be Actively Stressed doing it. The feeling of isolation is not fun at all and brings me more stress and problems than productivity and enjoyment

tech, mental health, social media 

it is nice having a pretty machine that can run Linux and OS X and can actively connect to the internet and still do most modern tasks. I, however, am not Able to just. disconnect like that. being unable to talk to or play with my friends the way I usually do is simply too negative a trade-off

tech, mental health, social media 

@loveshock Maybe you can modify the challenge for your own needs?

Four every hour of computing on the PoerPC mac? You earn an hour off?

tech, mental health, social media 

@trashheap My plan is to modify it to meet my needs a little better and do what I did last year - aka, cheat, and use a 2006 Intel Mac.

If I even keep up at all. I've got a super important livestream on Thursday and I kinda *need* modern software and tech to get ready for that.

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