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today I have:

-payed rent and deposit
-scheduled power and gas hookups
-got packing tape to fix and close up these boxes a lot of my stuff is already in
-took my Adderall and immediately got overstimulated

meds made me overwhelmed, gonna chill out and watch some videos before I get back to packing

gosh I sure hope I can sleep at a decent time///

selfies, boosts okay 

I haven't really been feeling myself and my body lately, but I thought these were cute

totally forgot to call my cousin (he has a truck) about my move in two days! i hope hes not busy when i ask him to help me move literally the day before

if anyone wants to flirt with me tho thats welcome uwu

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im trying to be a better person and not flirt with every girl i see online but some of yall on fedi make that VERY hard

ppl who hate cats make me extremely uncomfortable


I refuse to believe p*wdiepie listens to 100gecs. you can't convince me that's his spotify account

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