What Mastodon client do people recommend on iOS? I’m using Toot! right now but while I get notifications, the app doesn’t show a badge and doesn’t show read/unread status for notifications, meaning it’s easy to not realize I have any. The “official” app doesn’t support multiple accounts so that’s right out. The others I’m looking at haven’t seen updates in a while.

@mastonaut I also noticed that the Window menu contains greyed out items for tab manipulation. Another approach for my request might be to actually support tabs, and to indicate in a tab title when there’s notifications (maybe even a subtler indicator for activity in other open columns too).

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@mastonaut I would really love to be able to make one window with columns from multiple accounts. I’d also love to make a single Notifications column that contains notifications from multiple accounts (and indicates which account is for which notification, perhaps by badging with my account avatar).

I should probably introduce myself. I just never know what to say 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m a trans lesbian software engineer writing software in Rust at a big company. I used to do Swift. I’ve also used lots of other languages over the years, one of my favorite things is to learn a new programming language. But I don’t really have time for “fun” programming these days.

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