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I wish you didn’t have to brave to be trans. My identity shouldn’t cause wars in my comments sections. I should just be respected without people questioning me because you don’t have to understand me, but you do have to respect me.


I spoke to a trans woman about her journey to becoming a woman, and how she came to play women's rugby. Here is a step by step of what the RFU required pre ban, and also a step by step to life as a trans woman. Education commence ✍


question to any users:
does it support raspberry pi (4, to be exact) or is there a version for it? is getting a (well needed) rework as well as a new place for my photography work! will be sharing more soon :)

i am currently designing benches for a design competition. at 7pm on a saturday. is this why i'm single?

uspol, Linux 

Just received an automated email about the Linux Foundation's Open Source Summit coming up next month in Texas.

It is despicable that the Linux Foundation would host a major event in Texas. I can't think of any better way to signal to women and the LGBT community that they don't matter to the open source movement.

yknow i should probably start working out which college i should go to... cause ive only got a year left to do so and i've been meaning to do it for 5 hours today 😫

Making a post about our network again, we're a small LGBTQIA+ focused community that hosts the following: Misskey (, Gitea (, Woodpecker CI (, Matrix Server (you can sign up with as the homeserver), and a status page ( If you're looking for a cozy place to hang out on the fediverse, host your code, or whatever, we're an awesome instance that's looking to grow. If you aren't going to join consider boosting so we can get some more views so people know we exist, thanks!

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