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Note to people with a locked account that have received a follow request from here:

This is the new place where I'll stay. Importing the following accounts file has sent you a follow request :)

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Time for , once again.

Hi !

I'm l4p1n, pronounced "lapin". I'm a saber-toothed wolf-dragon that happens to do system administration and a bit of coding as a hobby.

You can expect some stuff about what I do, some thoughts here and there, sprinkled with some fluffiness.


Commission for Oxley. I remember this one specifically because it was the very first order I got after I went full-time, and I was so excited that I finished it that same day. [2015]

You know, building your network, at your own pace is kinda nice.

I also find other's blog on their profile and (maybe πŸ‘€) add it to my RSS feed aggregator or give them a follow ^w^

Giving me a VR greenscreen was a terrible mistake

I'm trying to get at least $150 for a vet visit for my semi-retired assistance dog! πŸ•β€πŸ¦Ί

It will probably cost more than that strictly, but that will at least cover the visit if not any medication she ends up needing. I suspect she has giardia, which means labs, meds, and more labs at least >_<

Ways to support in reply, because I ran out of characters!


#DisabilityCrowdfund #Crowdfund #MutualAid #Autistic #mastodogs

Paw day, macro 

Happy paw day!
Here's a few of my favorites gotten throughout time, including the latest from @BlurTheFur and other artworks by Nommz Proximiter @wizlicos
Featuring @Tiwy57 Soulfox @Yarideki @sh1r0n Jamie @AetraDragon @Dracodare and more!

Guess who dusted the server but forgot to plug the CPU back in ? Myself, yes.

I wondered why the case fan went to "I'm am speed" RPM, only to find out that the CPU cooler was hot to the touch πŸ™ƒ

So uh...

I was kinda surprised that a couple of y'all picked the red option :blobcatsweat: I may seem a big bad wolfdragon, but give me some scratches or hug me, I'll melt in your arms.

Some picked the chaotic option (blue) which would fit when the mood is just right 😈

Lots of you picked the green option :blobcatheart:

Finally, a couple picked the yellow option. I'm curious to know who has a crush on me :dragonuwu:

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I guess it's time for me to try the thing ? :blobcatsweat:

Who am I to you ? ^w^

I guess it's time for me to try the thing ? :blobcatsweat:

Who am I to you ? ^w^

Good mrawrrrrning !

Hope you're having a great week-end so far ! ^w^

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