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Note to people with a locked account that have received a follow request from here:

This is the new place where I'll stay. Importing the following accounts file has sent you a follow request :)

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Time for , once again.

Hi !

I'm l4p1n, pronounced "lapin". I'm a saber-toothed wolf-dragon that happens to do system administration and a bit of coding as a hobby.

You can expect some stuff about what I do, some thoughts here and there, sprinkled with some fluffiness.


The Good Law Project has four days remaining to reach its Β£30,000 target to challenge the abominable waiting times for trans healthcare in the UK. If they don't pass Β£30k, they get nothing. Help make this momentous legal action happen!

I just got a scam call. As the scammer was starting their spiel, I got ready to use my Customer Service Voice and hit them with

"You've called the Canadian Anti-fraud Center!"

Half a swearword was heard before the call disconnected.

this connie is so shaped... one of the raptors ever for sure


After almost 15 years without one, I finally have a well defined fursona, I’m so happy! πŸ’œ

(huge thanks to Jacfox for designing and drawing it for me

begpost, need money for food and power, pls boost 

hey yall the power company is going to start disconnecting power again next month and im all out of food again, i need about $250 to cover this so i dont starve and the lights stay on

anything helps!
cashapp: $digitalcreature

Done yesterday while fighting a bit of art block.πŸ’’

:BoostOK: computer parts store recommendations, EU 

hi, i need to find a battery replacement for a thinkpad x200s. Do you know of computer parts providers that could have that for not too much money? i've never really bought laptop components before

I'm in switzerland if that helps

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