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This is the new place where I'll stay. Importing the following accounts file has sent you a follow request :)

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Time for , once again.

Hi !

I'm l4p1n, pronounced "lapin". I'm a saber-toothed wolf-dragon that happens to do system administration and a bit of coding as a hobby.

You can expect some stuff about what I do, some thoughts here and there, sprinkled with some fluffiness.



Today’s a first:

A book is coming out with MY ART on the cover.

*excited bounce*


Might as well pet @avie. They are a cute bat ^w^

I mean... look at this fluffiness !

wip dragon n kobble art! surprisingly not lewd 

a relationship dynamic that is both goals and I am so excited to draw

How does someone pivot from detestable marketing to a different career?

Affection at someone 

@digitalfox is an adorable, cute datafox :blobfoxheart:

*hug ?*

Hey, I've got some more slots for emoji commissions, DM me if you're interested!

Affection at some people I guess? Compliments 

@IceWolf and @Ylfingr are two adorable wolves :blobfoxheartcute:

So are @IceWolf ::everyone too ^w^


Smol wholesome kobold gives thumbs up and believes in you!


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