So. Here we are. I’m in a paper gown and a blue nasty pig jock strap. Waiting for my full body inspection at my appointment. Guess we’ll find out pretty soon how Intimidatingly Hot Dermatologist swings. 😳


That was…a moment.

“Interesting underwear selection. Good though, makes the skin check easier.”

*lightly touches the marks on my chest* “I do hope these were consensual.“

Me, blushing harder than I have in a long time: “Uh…yes.”

“Mmmmmm. These are a little high. You should communicate to him he needs to work on his aim a bit. But it looks like you had fun.”

brain.exe has crashed.

@kolbychez I swear to god this is dialogue out of a straight-to-kindle BDSM gay erotic novel

@aphyr I just. What happened?! I made like 3 wrong turns trying to drive home oh my god I’m so flustered.

@kolbychez I wouldn't be able to make it out of the parking lot 😭

@kolbychez ngl as a healthcare provider this makes me uncomfortable af. In the UK this could have you struck off.

@Buster I mean, I did wear a jock strap. 😂 There’s been plenty of non-verbal communication between us over time. I’m pretty sure my gawking at his glorious biceps was painfully obvious.

I would hope at least that it was particularly obvious I was down to flirt. ^_^

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