@kolbychez @bluestarultor I tend to go with "but it was Cain and Abel", so we are okay with gay incestuous marriage right?

@LovesTha @kolbychez ...Cain killed Abel.

Like there were other children, vaguely, but that one doesn't work at all. XD

@bluestarultor @kolbychez There were other people, them being other siblings is vague at best. And really is modern people trying to read things that aren't there.

@LovesTha I hate to say it, but what the heck else would they be if they were the children of the only 2 people on Earth? XD

@bluestarultor Lots of wives are mentioned, where they come from is left up to the readers imagination.

@LovesTha God giving Adam and Eve an order to go forth and populate the world doesn't give much room for interpretation. XD

Like, I don't know how else to say this. God only made 2 people directly (officially, anyway; the Bible doesn't include Lilith, but she was effectively removed from circulation after having monster babies with an angel regardless). There are only so many ways 2 people can populate the Earth.

@bluestarultor I don't believe that the stories in Genesis were written to answer 'how was the earth populated?'

More of 'Why are their different people?' And 'Why should we look after the environment?'

But that is much more serious than this thread previously was.

@kolbychez me being bi: it’s adamn AND eve, not adam OR eve

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