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Gonna pin that I would like to point out that I'm not on a crusade to cancel anyone with . I just want to make people more aware of how they sound when they write documentation or comment in a very public record like Github. Part of bringing that awareness is saying, "Oh you ... actually said that. Did...did you read that out loud to yourself and think it sounded okay?"

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"liiiiiiiikah" is South Floridian English just like "irregardless", using "super" as an adjective to every noun in your sentence, and "bro" (but only for people using male pronouns). Don't @ me for sitting over here eating shit on mastodon.

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I really want to get back into desktop Linux but literally all I do is eat hot chip and play gam.

The amount of Native American appropriation in the 1990 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is like, “oh. Oh we did do that. Holy crap.”

Also, they just announced that the Parade is only possible because of Macy’s Employees who gave up their Thanksgiving day to *volunteer* to work the parade. I wonder if that’s still true…

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Apparently you have to sign up for the $5/mo Peacock subscription to access the Macy’s Parade VOD. So instead I’m watching 1990’s parade on YouTube and laughing at how canceled 1990 is.

Me picking a movie to watch: “Why does this look dumb as fuck? Imma watch it.”

Are you even married if one of you isn’t constantly voice-overing for you pet any time the other talks to said pet?

Oh my god. This ending is dumb as fuck. Pretty movie. Amazing visuals. Pedestrian and idiotic Father/Son story.

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Ad Astra is … a vibe. I don’t dislike it, but I always get annoyed when my sci-fi scenery is packaged with Yet Another Dad-Son Story. There are so many more interesting dynamics here.

I drank hot tea and got sweaty under the blanket anyway.

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Husbando: “Ooo it’s kinda cold outside. Why are the windows still open?”

Anyway, as someone raised with preacher grandparents very deep in American Evangelicalism, I am acutely aware that someone vented ALL their childhood trauma into a Webtoon and the show is really synthesizing that into some really good shit. Lol.

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As an American, Hellbound really REALLY sticks the landing in exploring the intersection of the long tail of Puritanism’s influence and internet mob justice spilling into the real world.

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I’m 3 episodes into Hellbound and hoo boy is it a bleak ass take on “people who talk about God and sin are just looking for an excuse to murder the people around them.” They are not wrong.

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Ridley Scott is blaming Millenials for his recent flop. Will old people at some point learn that we're now mostly in our 30s and we're not "the youth" anymore.

I just want everyone to know it’s 12:30 am and I can’t sleep because I just randomly thought of the movie Tenet and now my brain is working it’s way through why it is still mad at that movie point by bullet point.

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as a 40k fan i find it funny that Games Workshop has to remind their players not support fascist ideologies but it is completely their fault, even if the Imperium is satire they do a horrible job at it, most of their media concentrates on the heroism and sacrifice of the space marines which makes them look like the good guys

Me: "Oh I'll just call Husbando's account. Let me just pull it up here on his computer...GOD DAMN IT WHY IS HE NOT LOGGED INTO FUCKING DISCORD I WILL FUCKING KILL HIM..."

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God why is Discord such shit. Created a new account to test some streaming stuff. Discord will simply NOT send me a verification email, I can't adjust my personal server's settings from mobile now, even after I set Moderation to Unrestricted, I can't see my test account to give a role and my test account can't see any channels. JFCWTF!?

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If you’re mad at Netflix Cowboy Bebop now, just think about how mad you’ll be in 2041 when a single out of context screenshot going viral on Brain Twitter causes a bunch of lockdown babies to watch it semi-ironically because “young John Cho is so hot in it”

Husbando had a brain fart and while trying to talk about Picard said Pecan so now we are talking about Captain Pecan of the USS How’s Yer Mom ‘n Them

I’m in the literally 2 hours of cut scenes in the lead up to JRPG Final Dungeon. The universe is working so fucking hard to constantly interrupt this whole stretch of cutscenes. Like universe, I paid full price for this game please just let me roll the credits oh my god please I’m begging you.

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