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I really want to get back into desktop Linux but literally all I do is eat hot chip and play gam.

I literally thought I would be able to move on and forget this but OH MY GOD I CANNOT LOOK AWAY FROM THIS TRAIN WRECK. (That said I am not connecting to new freenode and all my connections have been dropped so from here on out it's second hand and copy/pastas from the rumor mongers on

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is burning the old network to the ground. They are abandoning all registration databases and swapping the server software for their own fork. Also they've banned all of IRCCloud, Kiwiirc, and mibbit in what is presumed to be a bid to force users onto the freenode BNC which is doing *god knows what*.

Just finished Life is Strange: Before the Storm. I’ve never been so devastated by a “happy” ending.

Also today is bored, with no real work tasks, and impatient for my new computer that won’t arrive till tomorrow when I also have house guests and my husband has planned a vacation NEXT weekend and Pride is this weekend so basically I get all of like 4 out of the next 10 days to fuss with my new computer and brain is in waiting mode and forcing me to ramble endlessly into the void on Mastodon day so feel free to mute me for a while.

I mean, NewEgg is still trash but the fact that they put their graphics cards up for a Japanese style lottery is like +10 points. The fact almost all of the cards are bundled with parts you probably don’t need and now have to figure out how to resell is -20 points tho.

So if I can do No Man’s Sky over wireless in the den, that would be preferred even if the Reverb G2 is a decent upgrade in resolution and FOV. If the wireless just can’t get there, though, I’ll probably be forced to do wired Virtual Desktop and put my old gaming rig in the den as an overpowered Steam Link box. Lmao.

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I mean I’m not tho. Not yet. Before I get into crazy land I’m gonna see if my massive upgrade makes NMS playable over Virtual Desktop. The problem is wired VR = same room as gaming rig = shared office with the husband. I have the weird thing of I show affection by doing things in the same space as someone and moving my gaming rig into the den would make me feel like I’m an cold asshole despite whatever he may say to the opposite effect.

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Like at this point I might as well buy a Reverb G2 lol.

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making calls on Loki so spoilers if I’m right 

Owen Wilson is secretly trying to over throw the TVA. “Evil” Loki is just trying to get rid of the TVA that tried to kill him. Loki has been a variant innumerable times. The Timekeepers aren’t good. They’re just who won the timeline war and the sacred timeline is the tyranny of conquerors. The “war” was really just timelines protecting themselves from the time keepers or similar. All this ends with a return to branching timelines AND THE MULTIVERSE.

Well that was a lot of money to spend. Gonna keep the GTX 2060 in reserve in case any other video cards die in this house. Might just migrate the whole prior desktop into the den to be a media/tv-gaming PC.

I genuinely can’t handle the fact that it’s come down to if I want to upgrade my video card I might as well buy a whole ass prebuilt because that’s how much the scalped ones are going for. None of this capitalism bullshit makes sense anymore.

Much like audio books, I tend to watch a lot of YouTube videos (think Linus Tech Tips or Contrapoints) at 1.5x speed and when I tell you it's glorious once you get used to it. I can slurp up an entire 4 part series on prebuilts before my ADHD kicks in.

Related: SSID splits are done and bandwidth limits applied. Now to figure out how to vlan them. I think I'll shelve that for a week or so.

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How many SSIDs is too many SSIDs? Asking for a friend.

Getting the guest bedroom set up and the stream box network set up and FireStick go to hell.

Rebooting everyone involved seems to have fixed the issue. Jesus. Why is networking so fucking insanely hard?

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