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It's the time of year when facemasks are welcome for the warmth.

do you ever just feel like giving up

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So 18% of the population of India organised the largest general strike in history. A quarter of a billion people. 3.2% of all living humans on planet Earth. And the English speaking world is mostly just... not paying attention?

I do not have the words to describe how incredibly angry I am right now. They've added Rust as a hard dependency to the entire Linux desktop ecosystem.

This is entirely unacceptable and a disgrace to open source software.

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oh my god, whoever added Rust to librsvg, fuck you, you should never have been allowed to touch a fucking computer

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Stop saying 1 week. Start saying 604.8 kiloseconds. Thank you.

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In 2020, the world collectively spent approximately $1.8 trillion on its militaries. If that much money was spent on food, welfare, healthcare, and infrastructure, I doubt there would be much reason left for everyone to keep fighting.

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If you have to take your laptop through an inspection checkpoint, consider running a USB bootable OS like Tails and leaving your encrypted laptop drive locked closed.

I mean, you could rsync your homedir via ssh before passing through a checkpoint, delete that user/shred the files, use a travel acct, then restore user and homedir when past the checkpoints.

This is considering xkcd.com/538/ , and Ace has pipe wrenches for $2.50. Nobody likes a dual wielding TSA goon.

using C and SDL2, doing everything from scratch! getting this finished before the deadline is going to be a challenge!

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anyone who voted "nachos", I will never understand you

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(and yes I use Python as a calculator, I'm too lazy to go upstairs and get a real one ;-;)

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Please join me in The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour tonight, in 4 minutes, livestreaming on #Tilderadio ! 0100-0200 UTC/8-9PM EST

To tune in, go to:



radio.tildeverse.org/radio/800 (or radio.ogg)

The first has begun! It's not too late to join, the jam lasts for 7 days!



today I found out that there was a computer company named "WANG" and now I'm sad it's gone

health stuff 

like, I know I shouldn't criticize him for requesting tests, but like, he orders full bloodwork literally every time I see him, even if there's nothing wrong, just to check if something magically changed I guess lol

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