Hey everyone! If you have ever asked "what can I do to help trans rights," I have something for you.

Biden's title IX change protecting trans people in schools is open comment.

It is getting FLOODED by TERF comments.


@AutistChickwComputer @justice_dazzle What is it that makes it look like bots? The only thing I noticed is that some posts exist multiple times, which could be a bot or a person just reposting the same thing, but other than that, I don't know. 🤔

Feel free to copy-paste this comment:

The rights of trans people are under attack. The LIVES of trans people are under attack. This is a necessary first step to protect both. I strongly support this proposal and hope to see it implemented.

@justice_dazzle rather offer people a custom made gratis/free trans experience, because everyone loves freebies #placebo (meaning placebo effect works even when you know you take it)

@justice_dazzle I'm no word smith but I gave it a go:

"I am in support of the proposed changes and and am appalled at some of the terminology used by its opponents. According to some of the other respondents, any attempts to recognize and protect others different than them equally are "woke nonsense" or worse. The lives of those that would now be covered should this be enacted are at stake, and for them to be written off as lies or subhuman is disgusting.

This regulation closes a number of loopholes used by some institutions in order to discriminate against transgender people. Those rejecting said changes are attempting to force their beliefs upon public educational systems in order to deprive LGBT+ people of equal protection under the law.

@justice_dazzle The United States explicitly does not forbid or endorse any religion in the First Amendment of the Constitution. Rejecting the proposed changes demonstrates that the US government no longer follows its own rules in order to allow a group of people to further persecute others in the name of religion and bigotry. Should these changes not be adopted, I expect a train of lawsuits to follow."

@justice_dazzle What did you put under "What is this comment about?"

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