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🥳🎉Meet “Ethical Design Handbook”, our practical guide to ethical design for digital products. With techniques to influence a positive change in your company and help your business grow sustainably.

Without dark patterns — and comply with GDPR/CCPA.

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Some claim that IA is an abbreviation for Iowa. In fact it is an abbreviation of IA! IA! CTHULHU FHTAGN!

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and like, i get the argument that that's not a good thing to have in a license. terms like "good" and "evil" don't belong in a legal document. but like... rather than make that extremely good point, the FSF actually says, more or less, "well, if you're not allowed to do evil with it then it's not a very Freedom license, sorry". thus basically revealing the moral bankruptcy of the concept of "freedom" in the abstract

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1. Bernie defers selection of a VP
2. Bernie is elected president
3. Bernie Pardons Chelsea Manning
4. Bernie selects Chelsea Manning as VP
5. Bernie steps down
6. Chelsie becomes president
7. Chelsie appoints Bernie as VP

I'm thinking of submitting a workshop about the Fediverse to the AoIR 2020 conference. Some background, some talk about decentralisation online, a short how-to and sharing of resources.

Anyone know if they would they be interested in something like that?

Just saw a post that might as well have said, "With all due respect, I have no respect for you."

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Are you interested in a Mastodon fork for

cc @david

Definitely going to migrate to and shut down my personal instance

Drastic times call for drastic measures.

*creates own instance*

*bans self*

First day at the new job! So excited to get back to work after months of unemployment

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Fantastic blog post from Alexis King on how the "failings" of static languages are actually misunderstandings of how to approach data in your code.

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Mention of eugenics, plz boost 

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