fellas... is it gay to jell? You're literally causing to become firm or gelatinous. 😔

warning - extreme weirdness levels detected

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

uspol, plague, (+++) 

Trump and his wife have caught the plague. May his very member rot; may he choke on his own lungs.


@Paella915 Did you cheer when Violet and Sissy hooked up? Because I did. From the first scene with those two, I was like, you could cut the tension with a knife

@gulfie @owashii I'd forgotten about that funky instrument and its funny name

@skelly Half the fun is getting a dumbass tattoo that you know will last forever

Got my first finished run of Slay the Spire tonight, and with the combos I've been trying to get going for a while to boot!

I'm Tuula and like tinkering with code and little toy soldiers (mostly 15mm ancients). I try to pick up reading again, preferably something that isn't code related. Currently that something seems to be .

I'm somewhat confused who or what I am, so you can expect steady stream of toots about that if you decide to follow me.

And I'll try to be generally friendly and safe person to be around.

@tuturto Don't believe in you! Believe in me who believes in you!

this is the very best thing ever posted on the internet. just so u know

Microsoft's Bing app is finally available on Windows 10 next week

all right, so i've had a lot going on lately, and i think it's time i talk about it, get it off my chest (thread)

False alarm, I accidentally did the non-capturing group syntax instead

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Holy shit, I remembered look behind regex syntax without looking it up

Talked about social media use during group therapy today, and admitting I use Mastodon was hard

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