techbros: CSS isn't a real programming language, anyone can do it

same techbros: Arrgghh, I hate working with CSS, I can never get it to do what I want

@jump_spider @david I think we need to divorce the concept of “not a programming language” and “is easy to do”. Programming is usually not the hardest task in development (personally i think it’s coordinating with other people, and CSS is certainly up there, when applicable). My housemate is learning JS and HTML/CSS right now and is seemingly most intimidated by the CSS part (and keeps asking me, “can’t I just do this in JS instead?”).

@coda @jump_spider See, and I get that but it makes me sad too :bowie_sad:

CSS in JS is such a big thing now with some frameworks and I'm not a fan, but if it helps someone get the job done I get it.

If there's anything that I could do to help, like walk through concepts with them or something, lmk.

Totally agree. Like, I'm bad at this (looks at her CSS-in-JS code), but I try to remind people we don't need to reach for JS for everything and the looks I get range from toxic to bewildered

@jump_spider @coda I was at a conference this week with the first keynote by Kyle Simpson, who wrote a ton of books about JS. He mentioned the whole way that the rebound away from JS can be as toxic and counterproductive for users as "JS All the Things!"

Then two days of speakers showing things that they built HTML/CSS only, no JS.

@jump_spider @david I've always liked CSS, and declarative languages in general — hi, SQL! But I definitely gained a better appreciation for it after stumbling on to Lara Schenck's CSS Algorithms talk. I was just like, "Yes, all of *gestures wildly* this!! This is why it's so cool!!"

It's also just a fun talk in general. :)

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