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It's been a minute since I did an so why not. I'm Serra, a software engineer who's trans/non-binary, queer, and living with (well managed) psychopathy and (poorly managed) depression. I have two cats, Dottie and Velcro. The languages I'm most familiar with are Ruby and javascript, and I enjoy Rust, Go, and Elixir. I don't toot often but I like faving toots from others. I have a server at that I'd love more people to be on, lemme know if you're interested!

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all right, so i've had a lot going on lately, and i think it's time i talk about it, get it off my chest (thread)

False alarm, I accidentally did the non-capturing group syntax instead

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Holy shit, I remembered look behind regex syntax without looking it up

Talked about social media use during group therapy today, and admitting I use Mastodon was hard

im sorry but i can't stop watching this gif, so now you have to see it too

block recommendation 

If you haven’t already, you should block The admin just sent harassing messages to people in my mentions, as well as using the n-word and browsing the instance’s public timeline I saw un-CWed lewd pictures and swastika emoji.


Ask your admin to block it for you.

If you're trying to get your queer, nerdy friends to join masto and your instance isn't the right fit, might I suggest :bowie_wink:

I miss having a father. It really sucks that he's committed to being a shitty person.

dark net and all the related things 

The project interntionally does not fix bugs because they are collecting them to use against others.

"Over the last few years, I've tried to report some of these profiling methods (and solutions) to the Tor Project, but each time has resulted in failure. Often, my attempts to report a vulnerability or profiling risk has been met with silence."

" I recently wrote to the tor-security email address. I received no reply -- not even an acknowledgment of receipt."

Surprise, TOR is actually a safe haven for the some of the most vile criminals in the world. In case you didnt know, the CIA's main dealings is with criminal elements, drug dealers, human traffickers, murderers for hire, pimps, etc. because they need access to people willing to break the law AND they need access to money that is off the books SO they can use it to carry out illegal activities.

This is part of the reason why black markets are so heavily suppressed in communist countries. Im sure many of you wondered why would Castro throw someone in jail for years just for selling some black market cement or something, this is part of the reason.

" TOR also has a bad-neighborhood problem. The things that makes TOR useful for people avoiding prosecution also makes it useful for people involved in malicious and criminal activities. For this reason, TOR is used for a huge amount of hostile activities. Everything from spam and network attacks to trafficking people and contraband. My TOR hidden service for the Internet Archive is averaging 96% network attacks and hostile activity per day, and 4% non-hostile traffic.

Although the Tor Project could promote options to restrict these malicious actions, they choose to do nothing. Seriously: if a TOR hidden service offers hard-core drugs or human trafficking or fake IDs, then they should be shut down. Even Amsterdam doesn't permit cocaine, heroine, or child prostitution. I don't think there's a single TOR guard node operating in a country that permits these, so there is no legal way to be a customer of these services."

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tor wasnt made for average internet users to browse the internet anonymously

it was built by the american army for cia assets in enemy territory

If it was built to be anonymous then they would fix its horrific security holes. But they dont because no one else knows about those holes.

Basically, the american military built this thing, left a bunch of zero days in it so they can use against people in the west, but its main use is so that some cia asset in Iran can communicate with the home base.

my gay seinfeld fanfic 

george: i'm yearning, jerry!
jerry: yearning!?
george: yearning, i tell you!
jerry: what, did you get bored of pining?
george: i'm pining and yearning at the same time, jerry!
jerry: who are you pining and yearning for?
george: ehhh, i shouldn't tell ya... [waves away the question]
jerry: ah, keeping it on the "down low," huh?
george: exactly!
kramer: [swings open the door] oh, george! just the person i wanted to see. you tell jerry you love him yet?

Semantic satiation with the entire English language

Hey, my husband is doing art commissions for 20 dollars each!! He'll spend a bunch of time on them! He'll draw your dnd character or your fursona! Info and more art in the replies.

hey hey if you enjoy indie comics especially detailed soft lesbian ones with beach theming you should support my girlfriend's attempts to do another run of her 36 page one-shot sunshowers. >$15 gets you a physical copy too!


Nothing endears me to my co-workers like a rousing discussion about how not serious covid really is

job opening: music metadata expert/product management 

Do I know any big library/metadata nerds with experience in industry music metadata (DDEX ERN etc)? Come work with me.

Please boost. Questions welcome #onhere or DM me for my email address.

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