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It's been a minute since I did an so why not. I'm Serra, a software engineer who's trans/non-binary, queer, and living with (well managed) psychopathy and (poorly managed) depression. I have two cats, Dottie and Velcro. The languages I'm most familiar with are Ruby and javascript, and I enjoy Rust, Go, and Elixir. I don't toot often but I like faving toots from others. I have a server at that I'd love more people to be on, lemme know if you're interested!

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the active ingredient in the main liquors is the same across the world - alcohol - and believing different ones get you different kinds of drunk is inseparable from racism and colonialism sorry


okay, i've been hanging around here for a bit but i think it's time to get over my blank page syndrome and introduce myself!

my pronouns are they/he, i'm pan, nonbinary, autistic, an anarchist, and a furry. i've been on fedi a couple years at @autumnontape but i wanted to expand my horizons by joining another instance.

i love my boyfriend @praxis!!! also i can be shy because i have a hard time interpreting social situations!

tentacles, sexuality, flags 

Saw this posted as a monster fucker pride flag and thought it might be relevant to some of y'alls interests.

jesus christ I don't know why I thought linux was a good idea.

Ted Unangst doesn't like writing tests. I find that most of the arguments he gives are against for tests that for finding bugs. He ignores the kind of tests that are for confirming that code works as expected. He makes the same mistake as Dijkstra.

also the knowledge that she-ra was made by a lesbian in an adorable marriage, and that they took pics with swords in their wedding dresses, has helped my skin stay clear

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Because I'm interested in helping people get onto platforms they control and not be at the mercy of Facebook, I wanted to understand what the pain points are for marginalized groups taking up Mastodon/ActivityPub.

From my reading thus far, the big blocker is that federation is opt-out, not opt-in and that the Mastodon Maintainers do not want to accept a patch to make it opt-in.

What are the other blockers? Who is writing about them?

Thanks. Boosts are welcome as are replies in private.

It's finally here, teasing is over:

I'm excited to launch #keyoxide today!

#FOSS solution for easy encryption, signature verification and decentralized identity proofs!

I've been in favor of #DeleteKeybase but I never had something to offer as an alternative. Now I do :)

Some of you think having leftist politics exempts you from basic human decency and it shows.

I've been seeing the term "virtue signaling" pop up in leftist spaces; y'all do realize by using it you are legitimizing it's language, right?

It was a term created by chuds as a way to de-legitimize progressive ideals, basically saying that no one actually believes in social justice and bringing attention to issues like inequality is just a way to get attention.

Let's not give bigoted language any merit, if someone is performing allyship for attention, call it what it is: selfish bullshit.

I need to follow more people. Any recommendations?

It's amazing what reconnecting with a good friend over video games can do for my mental health

AMA Sex Ed edition! 🍒 

A great first question! 🌟 How can you tell the difference between safe and unsafe sex toys?

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If you're reading Quora and they blur the whole page and try to make you sign in, add ?share=1 to the URL and it will go away.

hey, other polycules of people spread over the world, how do you spend your time together? we usually just watch youtube videos and play a small list of games together, and we could use more ideas

how do i know whether i'm having a borderline episode or it's pms

cursed thing my boyfriend said 

Judeo-Christian God fucks so you don't have to.


can we please try to calm down a little on the pleroma = bad people always thing

i have a lot of friends who run pleroma for single user instance purposes because it's way easier than running mastodon and it's one of the few alternatives to mastodon

a lot of real shitty people use pleroma, yes

but using pleroma doesn't instantly make someone a bad faith fedi user

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