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It's been a minute since I did an so why not. I'm Serra, a software engineer who's trans/non-binary, queer, and living with (well managed) psychopathy and (poorly managed) depression. I have two cats, Dottie and Velcro. The languages I'm most familiar with are Ruby and javascript, and I enjoy Rust, Go, and Elixir. I don't toot often but I like faving toots from others. I have a server at that I'd love more people to be on, lemme know if you're interested!

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this twitter thread from a couple years ago in which the author provides captions for various tarot cards makes me laugh every time I remember it so here you go

I swear to god, some neighborhood kids are gonna make me get a Ring because someone likes to play ding-dong-ditch and I want to know who so I can shame them


Wow, hard mode bosses are hard

or as i've recently taken to calling it, boob gnu plus linux. if you disagree with that, unfollow immediately.

asking for help 

I am struggling to buy food I can survive on beyond the end of this week. If you have some cash you can send my way, it would help a lot, and you will have my gratitude. My payment venues are in my profile, I think; please let me know if they don't work for you. And thank you for any help you can provide - whether it's financial support, boosting this to someone who can help, or helping me find a job so I don't have to ask anymore. 💜

I want a job working with something other than Ruby and react


You've heard of kinkshame, get ready for kinksham

We used to have Anne Rice, Ray Sherry, and William Henry Eyes. Now we have no rice, no sherry, and no eyes!


I'm in an abusive relationship with my healer

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Me: ok, so I'll pull two groups at a time like usual, alright?
Friend: No. Pull more
Me: What?
F: I'm playing WMG, I have no DPS to fill in the moments when I'm not healing you. It's literally no fun unless you're dying
Me: Kind of dark, but I guess I can push for three
F: Pull. More
Me: There's literally a boss next, this seems like a bad idea
F: Pull more!
Me: Why don't I just turn off tank stance, you can have fun healing the whole party!
F: Ooh, do it! Bet you won't!

FFXIV question 

A friend of mine is having trouble unlocking astrologian and online resources have been no help. Can anyone describe the prereqs for it?

Kind of feeling the label demigirl. I love love love maverique, but kind of tired of explaining it

Request for MTG input 

Suggest a commander, ready go

Another day on fedi, another day faving any toot that talks about spiders


Red mage is not as interesting as I was hoping it would be. Feels...Somehow clunky to me.

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Holy cow, samurai does a truck load of damage

Very homophobic for the FFXIV server to go down in the middle of a cutscene

#DOFH excuse #95:

Serverless infrastructure provider ran out of servers.

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