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I made a bot! Inspired by the mtg lookup bot made by @monorail. Invite to your unencrypted room and you can look up MTG cards with the double square bracket syntax. Code available at

For some reason, Android Element doesn't want to render the images, but desktop works fine.

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It's been a minute since I did an so why not. I'm Serra, a software engineer who's trans/non-binary, queer, and living with (well managed) psychopathy and (poorly managed) depression. I have two cats, Dottie and Velcro. The languages I'm most familiar with are Ruby and javascript, and I enjoy Rust, Go, and Elixir. I don't toot often but I like faving toots from others. I have a server at that I'd love more people to be on, lemme know if you're interested!

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Even as a pretty confirmed monogamous person who finds it hard to imagine dating anyone else, it's empowering and affirming for me that monogamy is just one of many forms partnered relationships can take and not the One Right Way. Monogamy is a choice that works well for me and my partner, not something we're stuck in because anything else would be BadWrongNo. How dreary it would be if our love were an absolute obligation and not freely, joyfully chosen!

My clothes smell all fresh (out of the laundry)

Having arrived safely in Atlanta and crashing at a friend's place until my stuff arrives, I must now face a stark reality: Holy shit, I've moved back to Atlanta

Small confession, when blockchain technology was first circulating around, I was fascinated by the potential of it for purposes other than coin.

Oof, the sync endpoint in the spec is rather complex. But it makes sense, it's kinda the workhorse for client-server communication

The only time in my life I've been at my recommended BMI was when I worked full time as a truck unloader. Eight hours of physical work, five days a week. If that's what it takes for my body to be at the supposed healthy weight, I'll gladly carry a gut.

@finn @bees @FirstProgenitor i figured they'd lure you in making you think they just wanted your dirty shower water but it was all a ruse to get you naked and on top of them.. waiting...

Thurim isn't dead! I've picked up development again, doing kind of a client-driven form of coding. It's where I register a user using Element pointed at localhost and just go through implementing the network requests as they happen.

Come join or check out

Day two of the move, drove for about twelve hours before tapping out in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. Cats are still doing great. Got about twenty hours of driving ahead of me, and tomorrow is the never ending landscape of Texas.

Movers are confirmed for the 11th, and my car should be repaired on the 12th or 13th. Almost back on the east coast, baby

Okay. Epic Imposter Syndrome writing about something actually serious, but here we go. ".io considered harmful"

I hope maveriques have been treating themselves well!

Sometimes I wish there was a throttle option in Mastodon, like I want to follow some people, but they're a bit prolific, so I only want to see X posts from them in a given day.


Engineering manager today really pushed back on initial designs for a new workflow, repeatedly emphasizing the need for a true minimum viable product (MVP). I was seriously impressed.

Ever feel like you don't have much of a personality? Or maybe just no hobbies to help define your personality? I read fiction, I joke with friends, I play games... I just feel blah though.

Need to get back in therapy.

All kidding aside, Facebook is the modern equivalent of Big Tobacco conducting research on their product, finding it harms people, and nevertheless asking "how do we get people to use this more?"

good morning internet, I am here for all of your lukewarm take needs

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