Are you interested in a Mastodon fork for

cc @david

Let your friend pick random days of the year to simulate the following:

* All of your passwords just leaked
* Your computer was sadomasochistically destroyed
* A random machine in your dev circle had a zero day and an APT or botnet used it
* A vulnerability in a library or program you use has just been reported

Hopefully when those random training days happen your multilayered defenses hold

Against the dark chocolate frozen yogurt armies of @rebutte

All shall have earthworm custard!

Definitely going to migrate to and shut down my personal instance

Drastic times call for drastic measures.

*creates own instance*

*bans self*

First day at the new job! So excited to get back to work after months of unemployment

job posting, boosts ok, cop adjacent 

Fantastic blog post from Alexis King on how the "failings" of static languages are actually misunderstandings of how to approach data in your code.

food, brand 

Mention of eugenics, plz boost 

Georgia geography humor, dirty 

tfw you figure out an annoying code problem ❣️

It's funny how the worst villains in video games are called bosses. It's like game developers know what capitalism is really all about.

@trashheap @rebutte ForgeFed is developing an extension to ActivityPub for git hosting sites.

Trying to remember.

There was a shared universe / character in the community that was put explicitly into the or . She jumped around the multiverse. Wore goggles. I think she was an indigenous woman.

This was a little big a long long time ago.

Is this ringing bells for anyone?

Trying to remember the character name.


Seem to be trying to remember Jenny Everywhere:

I'm Serra, a software engineer living in Southern California. I'm trans and non-binary as well as sapphic, which for me means I'm primarily attracted to femme presenting folx but not exclusively. My personal interests include the protocol and .

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