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Just caught the new illymation. I love seeing more positive portrayals of directly from adults.


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Josekle #100 (11 moves)

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got very lucky and just happened to pick the right branch after the first set of plays to eliminate some possibilities ... also it's noted as a traditional joseki in OGS which consequently means it's not one of these _newfangled_ things out of alphago 😆

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i lucked out on the initial stab having a lot of in-sequence but out-of-order moves, so i had a good inkling for what "direction" the joseki was going to go in

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Josekle #98 (13 moves)

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If you need to write HTML for a login or account management site, I got a little tip for you.

The input's "autocomplete" attribute can be more than just "on" or "off"!

You can actually set autocomplete to "username" or "current-password", to help a password manager find the right fields.

In the case of changing passwords, you can set autocomplete to "current-password" or "new-password" to avoid password managers trying to autofill your current password into the new password field.

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My new #article: Dear Harry Potter Fandom. I get a bit personal in this article!

If you would like to read it, please pop over to Medium.


#trans #Transgender #Fandom #HarryPotter #AmWriting

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Two important findings from this TAMU study:
* remote work does not negatively impact productivity
* properly taking breaks reduces workplace injuries for information workers as well as manual labourers


Remote Work Doesn't Negatively Affect Productivity, Study Suggests - Texas A&M Today today.tamu.edu/2022/05/06/remo

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wow okay that last move had a lot of ways to go and i just picked the worst order to go through; big oof

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Josekle #97 (8 moves)

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Occasionally, you'll see someone argue that a topic is too important to "censor" behind a content warning.

The purpose of CWs is not to prevent people from seeing the warned-about content, but rather to prepare them to see it. That's especially necessary in a forum where posts come through in a steady stream, with barely any transition from one thought to the next. It helps people fight numbness, keep from feeling overwhelmed, and ultimately maintain their engagement with important issues.

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dracula daily, may 5 

jonathan harker is the most clueless dolt to ever have dolted into horror writing

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the final move feels really far, but poking at it (at least at my level) i couldn't invade it sooooo i guess it's valid!

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Josekle #95 (9 moves)

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By far the greatest strength of this platform is a complete lack of an algorithm pushing promoted garbage. Discovering new people to follow from our friends and their reblogs is so refreshing, and helps us all grow closer. ❤️

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oh my god i've used up all my smartness for the week

this is it, i've peaked

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