A LinkedIn but for tattoo artists. We'll call it InkedIn

And now I'm searching the internet for adult-sized wheelie shoes. That's my Sunday.

Spotify: Welcome back! Would you like to continue listening to 'Chill Vibes'? How about some 'Clown Core'?

My music tastes exist on a spectrum.

I feel disappointed whenever I find what seems like a great project that I want to install and play with, but then their only supported means of installation is docker.

I don't know if I'm a holdout or what, but docker just gives me icky feelings.

help me, fedi: a creepy/weird viral video from years ago in which a guy is in a room with trash and discovers a box of mallets

the mashup that literally no one has asked for:

kubernetes + hoobastank = kubestank

i'm so sorry

be gay, do crimes^H^H^H^H^H^Hmathematics

imagine just casually driving the oscar meyer weiner mobile around as you go about your business. commuting to work, picking the kids up from school, a late night pharmacy run to pick up plan b

declaring bankruptcy on my rss feed backlog this morning

I don't know who needs to hear this, but:

maybe you should drink a glass of water?

i saw NASA landed Perseverance on mars and all I can think if is:

this is the most elaborate Battlebots setup ever

i could have not admitted this and just claim to be into hipster cereals, but i just prefer keepin' it real for y'all

i anticipate that it will taste terrible

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why yes i did just order a some cocoa wheats for the first time, more than two decades after hearing their jingle between saturday morning cartoons

advertising works

fb giving their deplatforming decision body the name "supreme court" just screams self importance to me


today is the day i start a new job.

nervous + excited = nervcited.
excited + nervous = excervous.

me, singing: do you believe in life after love??

gf: thank you for serenading me

me: did I serenade you, or did I CHERenade you??

food, terrible humor 

hollandaise? more like hollandYAYS

i think to myself, dreaming of a tasty eggs benedict

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