This should be a teachable moment to everyone in software dev as well: imagine it wasn't Facebook, but Microsoft (including Github) instead where everything goes down?

Just ask yourself the question, how many language package managers rely on Github in one form or another?

@johannes no problem for our and other #Gitea users, although we'd love to introduce federation to code hosting soon.

@johannes and I would not be able to push a commit for 5 hours? 😱

@johannes that would have no impact on me either; I use neither.


pydoc, man, Know Your Offline Documentation, it's not just for airplane or train rides :)


It may be worth doing disaster drills where you try things like turning off the network or power and seeing what happens.

@johannes and the worst that could happen? A free day for a lot of people?

There are good reasons to leave these centralised places but uptime isn't one of them. What you can learn from this is what you'll read in a (hopefully public) postmodern about cause and resolution of the problem.

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