If anyone else on here has a MusicBrainz account with voting capabilities, could you help me change the name for a transgender artist?
There's an editor on there who consistently votes against my edits to remove the artist's deadname with the usual tired excuses.

This is just one release of many of her, so if you vote in favour, I would also appreciate if you could subscribe to edits for that artist.

Wait, now this person is going through her old releases, which were imported after her coming out, and changing the name back to her deadname 🙄

Would contacting the artist help or does the site not care about that?

@6EQUJ5 Maybe?
There is this:

which if what is said there holds true, would allow her to ask for edits with her deadname to be removed, but the moment her old works were added to the database again, this person could simply come back and do their thing, unless their edits were overturned by a majority vote.
I doubt they would ban a highly active editor like that.

I dunno, if the site were that infested with brainworms, I wouldn't use it, personally. Music catalogues are extremely common.

@6EQUJ5 This is one of the few audio databases that release things under Creative Commons Zero, and as a result a bunch of music auto taggers use it directly. Funkwhale, for example, relies on it for artist metadata.
Not caring isn't really an option I would say.

If you are a minority in the culture of the site, then they are not likely to change for you unless you get really loud and risk getting banned. Admins tacitly approving transphobic behavior suggests it's really deeply-entrenched. Due to the way the site is structured, it's not something you're going to change without changing the behavior and culture of the group from top to bottom.

@6EQUJ5 You're kinda describing an analog of the so-called real world. Can't always just walk away and find someplace else.

Traditional websites and filesystems are designed in a strict hierarchical fashion with generally strong permissions systems favoring users at the top of said hierarchy. If you intend to change this hierarchy against its own will you need to cut off the head.

Or you can take the less violent approach and fork it. This is why we don't interact with chuds on the fedi, you block or move to a better instance and move on.

@Jo Had my run ins with this person before, and they voted me down last time.
I thought I could smuggle those edits through under their radar once at a time, but apparently they monitor every release group name change.
That they would go this far even I didn't anticipate.

@johannes Might be worth reporting them if they're acting this stalky? :blobthinkingglare:

@Jo good idea actually. Never did it so far, but seems like it's time.

@johannes @Jo I don't know if linking the editors to this excellent writeup about another huge collaborative community might help: . Hopefully MetaBrainz Foundation will put together a clear trans policy if they don't have one already, and see that it certainly applies here.

@alderwick @johannes It's legit amazing that MB haven't considered this long before tbh, considering the amount of musicians who have come out mid-career. :blobtilt:

@johannes wow that was the most voting I've ever done on MB 😆
Thanks for the heads up, and also for making me listen to Patricia Taxxon for the first time!
If anyone else wants the link for all the currently open edits:

@johannes I tried to vote even after registering, but it said more edits need to be accepted first! I boosted anyway, maybe some other people can help.

@johannes my pleasure! maybe I'll do the required stuff and then I can vote.

@calculsoberic That would be cool, just be sure this is work that you actually enjoy. It takes a lot of work to accrue the required number of edits.

@johannes There is a proposal to add a “Withdrawn” release status in response to this post:

“A part of this behaviour will be to de-emphasize the withdrawn listings in favour of the Official status releases in release group listings, while allowing the withdrawn listings to still be available for historical reference, and to allow tagging to continue to work for people who obtained the release before it was withdrawn.”

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