TIL Mastodon supports U2F security keys for two factor authentication.

Did you know that these are an easy and reliable way to keep your online accounts secure?

@johannes I've found them difficult to use on mobile with Mastodon though, which is annoying.

@bitomag Really? From what I know, as long as your phone supports NFC, you should be fine, right?

@johannes yeah idk. It could be my phone's browser or something, but I just can't get it to work for Mastodon on my phone.

@bitomag it's an out of date browser probably. Phone OEMs truly do ruin everything.

@johannes I tested it on the latest version of Chrome on a pixel 5 running stock android. Didn't work.

@johannes damn. Good to know it's not just me I guess, but still sucks

@johannes yeah, they are awesome. BTW did you see #SoloKey? They currently have a great Kickstarter campaign for new #FIDO2 keys:

@johannes wow TIL I can use it on mastodon! I swear by my yubikey. Suuuper convenient!

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