The only reasonable criticism of Mozilla that I have seen, is their hierarchical corporate structure. That's it.

"But Google gives them money!"

I guess you don't want them to have the funding to develop a fully featured web browser? You think they can get that money via donations? Stop fooling yourself!

"But they supported DRM being added to the Web!"

The held out on that one much longer than was reasonable IMO. I guess you don't want them to have users? Face it: streaming services like Netflix are incredibly popular.
Even then they made a compromise with the anti-DRM crowd by not bundling the DRM by default, but instead prompting the user to download it.

"But they use Google Analytics which sends your data to Google, so much for caring about my privacy!"

This is a lie by omission. They use Google Analytics, yes, but they only did so after getting Google to agree not to process the analytics data for anything else. This option was then propagated to everyone else using Google Analytics. They fought for an option that gives Google less of people's data.

People always say that Mozilla is clearly in the wrong, because they are loosing market share. This argument completely ignores that every day new people gain access to the internet and they get integrated into the Web's status quo, which is Google, Apple & Microsoft. I'm pretty sure if you look at the absolute number of Firefox users, it paints a very different picture.

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