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"C++" being a post increment, you just get "C".

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Twitter thread regarding an anti-trust suit against Google:

After reading all of this, I don't think I want to buy an Android phone ever again. Or if I do, only with Lineage+microG.

I'll take clunky and modular over sleek and thin any day of the week.

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So using native fonts over custom Web fonts is a good thing, but is there some kind of resource on font orderings that work on most platforms and look kind of similar?
Not just sans-serif either, but serif and monospace too.

So using native fonts over custom Web fonts is a good thing, but is there some kind of resource on font orderings that work on most platforms and look kind of similar?
Not just sans-serif either, but serif and monospace too.

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Just ask yourself the question, how many language package managers rely on Github in one form or another?

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This should be a teachable moment to everyone in software dev as well: imagine it wasn't Facebook, but Microsoft (including Github) instead where everything goes down?

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I started working on session verification for Fractal-next. Still a long way to go, but it's a start.

Whenever I see people setting up XMPP servers, I never hear them mention ejabberd. I remember running it a few years back and while it has a big config file that might look scary, it's all properly documented. The only thing that I struggled with for a bit was getting it to work with my Let's Encrypt certs. Would recommend.

cryptocurrencies may be societally useless and environmentally damaging, but they also gave some cryptologists paid jobs, so it's impossible to say if they're bad or not

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Asking for financial help 

Hey folks - things are starting to look up, but I’m still in the hole right now. I have less than $50 at the moment and have bills to pay at the end of the month. I really hope this is the last month I have to ask, but: I would really appreciate it if you could help me out. My Patreon and PayPal accounts are below:

I also have a GitHub Sponsors that accepts one-time payments, though I receive payouts slowly there:

"We attempted to represent ownership and borrowing through the C++ type system, however the language does not lend itself to this. Thus memory safety in C++ would need to be achieved through runtime checks."

If Google can't introduce ownership semantics to C++, that pretty much means no one can, except maybe the C++ Standards Committee (doubt it though). So that's it pretty definitively: if you need performance and security, don't use C++.

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🇬🇧In a survey on children's rights the EU Commission wants to know your opinion on "Removing anonymity online", so tell them:

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Imagine if people had this attitude towards programmers refactoring code!
It is very easy to explain the utility of that, even if by touching the code we run the risk of breaking things. But seemingly some programmers think their craft is so completely divorced from the realities of others, that they can't even imagine that there might be a reason to do similar things elsewhere.

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"It frustrates me endlessly that some UX designers will change things just to make themselves seem useful."

This attitude needs to die.

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Some programmers really just hate designers, huh?

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Cancer, Death 

Just read the #rust 1.55.0 release notes.

> Anna Harren was a member of the community and contributor to Rust known for coining the term "Turbofish" to describe ::<> syntax. Anna recently passed away after living with cancer. Her contribution will forever be remembered and be part of the language, and we dedicate this release to her memory.

Since we now have some good minimal crypto tools like Age and Signify, I wonder if building some GUI tools on top of them would be useful to some people.

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