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"C++" being a post increment, you just get "C".

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The downside of Debian being "slow" for Desktop usage is completely removed by using Flatpak.

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> What experts say Canada needs to do to become a leader in the electric vehicle industry

Replacing all our cars with electric vehicles won't save us

Consuming more won't save us from having consumed too much

Moving the tailpipe from the back of your car to the top of a coal power plant won't save us

Electric cars won't save us

Another thing I've learned about FIDO U2F security keys: even if they are not capable of PGP cryptography, they can still be used for SSH

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My entertainment for this evening was rewatching the Xiph primers on digital media and I can't recommend them enough.

If you were ever remotely curious about anything releated to audio and/or video you *should* watch them. They are *amazing*.


This would allow me to get rid of yet another browser plugin and make day to day browsing more comfortable:

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Random shout out for @brainblasted who has done amazing work right across @gnome 40 adapting apps to new patterns and fixing longstanding UX bugs

This will be an amazing release and a lot of that is thanks to Chris


TIL Mastodon supports U2F security keys for two factor authentication.

Did you know that these are an easy and reliable way to keep your online accounts secure?

Is Apple really that desperate in their legal fight against Epic Games, or did they think this would be a convenient way of getting extensive sales data from a competitor?

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I was just reminded of this gem:

It's the perfect intersection of open source user entitlement, fragile masculinity, change aversion, and bikeshedding. Really precious ❤️

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Cool, apparently this short piece of Python code:


compiles to over 32TB of bytecode in cpython (per this post)

"The dnaChecksum property is mostly a joke, but also a reminder that there will be lots of different identifying properties for people, some of which we might find disturbing."

Saw multiple people at this point calling advocating for Rust a cargo cult. And like, no.
Rust solved the problem of memory safety without garbage collection, whereas over two decades of research in C/C++ land just couldn't.

There are very good reasons for choosing Rust over C/C++ and calling it a cargo cult is nothing else than post rationalising your aversion to a new thing you don't understand.

Maybe actually read up on what "cargo cult science" actually means:

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Please remember: functional cookies (login session, shopping carts) do not need user consent. So every time you see one of this oversized cookie banners someone is trying (often through dark patterns) to make you accept the whole tracking and spying as well. Don't be mad at the legislative for creating the need for tracking consent. Be mad at the websites that are trying to stir you up against that law by annoying you with those banners.

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To be honest, I’m scared of this. This threatens to be another blackbox that developers can do all kinds of inaccessible stuff with, much like Flash or SilverLight. That „sample app“ alone is largely inaccessible despite enabling „Accessibility Mode“. #a11y
RT @vick08
Flutter Is About To Win Over the Web by Lew C in @BttrProgramming

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