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"C++" being a post increment, you just get "C".

Gitlab can now create MRs from patch files that people uploaded in comments, but it doesn't actually create a commit for the contained changes. Why?

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help me get #fedihired:

I’m looking for a mid-level remote SRE/DevOps position in the USA.

I’m based in SF and open to coming into the office periodically. I’m authorized to work in the USA for a few years but would require sponsorship down the line.

Resume available on demand!

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If you're excited for any of this, please do consider supporting me on Patreon or GitHub sponsors, or reach out if you want to figure out another way to support these initiatives.

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Hey everyone. I've got some exciting plans to share regarding what I want to work on for GNOME 43 and beyond. Take a look here:

Wow, looks like vodozemac (Rust implementation of crypto protocols used in Matrix) is close to being ready for general use:

The way certain people talk about (free) software licensing reminds me of 20th century designers and architects, who thought they could cure all social ills by just arranging society a certain way through their domain of expertise.

In reality, the social relations and community values that form around a certain piece of software are far more important than its license ever could be.

What's people's assessment of IPFS nowadays? The tech looks good, even if it might have some problems. But the people behind it are involved in a lot of cryptocurrency stuff like Filecoin, IPLD, and they have an internal Web3 WG.

Do you think the project is fundamentally tainted by this stuff, or have they done a decent enough job at keeping IPFS separated from this space?

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Major local privilege escalation vulnerability exists on every Linux distribution, is trivial to exploit, and 100% reliable.

Distros have already published patches. Make sure you apply updates.

Depressing how much cryptocurrency stuff has taken over in cryptography research. I watched a video recently about cryptography aimed at the general public, and the presenter said that zero-knowledge proofs have a primary application in blockchains.

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#Rustlang crate maintainers! Get notified when you need to upgrade your dependencies or if there are any issues with your crate.

Find your profile page on, and click "Maintainer dashboard", e.g.

it has an atom feed, so you can track the issues in an RSS reader:

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I'm very excited to announce the release of Ratman, a userspace, decentralised peer-to-peer packet router. It's developed as part of the Irdest project, aiming to build easy to use infrastructure tools for decentralised mesh networks.

Read the full announcement here:

Check out the project website:

awoo :boost_ok:

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"In a groundbreaking decision, the Austrian Data Protection Authority ("Datenschutzbehörde" or "DSB") has decided on a model case by noyb that the continuous use of Google Analytics violates the GDPR."

"This is a very detailed and sound decision. The bottom line is: Companies can't use US cloud services in Europe anymore."


I've been working on an ontology in OWL, and this visualizer has been very useful to me:

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Debating and analysing the tech behind web3 is like arguing about what OS Enron used for their desktops or what printer was used to print the contracts for sub-prime loans in 2006.

At best you’re missing the point. At worst your distracting others from the point.

Great guide for creating *-sys crates in Rust. Could have used this when creating olm-sys.

Reading about BitTorrent, the more I get the impression that PeerTube merely used it because a JavaScript/WebRTC implementation already existed and its heavy association with movie piracy. For video-on-demand streaming it's a terrible choice.

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