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no thoughts just those hand soap thingys with the pictures of fish on the back so it looks like an aquarium and

i have like 30 pictures of those in my phone. help.

i live for these soap. i live for the fishs. life-ing for the fishs in the soaps

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we are both very clown people (as you can see) and qi drew our clownsonas! we have been getting a lil bit not so platonic lately so isdgnjds

its so awesome, theyre such a good artist!!

go follow them on insta and sketchersunited!

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friendly reminder that self diagnosis is valid!!! people self diagnose for many reasons!

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thinking about that one time my dad was working with wood or something idr and was wearing a mask bc sawdust but it was really hot and he ripped the mask off in the gayest way a cishet transphobic man could (completely unironically too) and just said "agh im too hot for a mask" and i tried so hard not to loose my shit right then and there


"white people simply grew at much faster rates and expanded technologically way faster than anyone else" -my ex, 2022

hashtag my ex is a dick and is now fighting me and online yelling at me over me talking about abortion and how the white cishet men are taking away all our rights again

being queer around the world, suicide, it's bad 

So let's see. A small incomplete collection of things that happened around the world. That's just for this month.

Someone shot people in front of a queer bar the night before Pride in Oslo.

Hundreds of people who came for banned Pride were arrested in Istanbul, among other places in Turkey.

Japanese court thinks same sex marriage is rightfully illegal.

Calling for the execution of trans people / their allies is a totally normal thing to say for politicians in the US.

Saudi-Arabia bans rainbow colored toys now.

There were again (after the deadly 2015 attack) death threats against Jerusalem Pride.

Queer people in many places still fear to be executed.

Gay scenes are censored in movies shown in China among many other places.

Almost half of queer teenagers in Poland attempt suicide.


No, we are nowhere near queer utopia. I really can't stand most western European pride events and their party attitude "let's celebrate because we made it". Fuck you. We need riots not parties. Here where it is safest to do it.

what all cis people need to know:

"cis" is not an acronym. it should not be capitalized like "CIS". it is a Latin prefix meaning "on this side of", like cislunar space, cisalpine Gaul, or cis isomers in chemistry.

please i'm begging you. tell a friend. yours, a trans pedant

got sunburnt at the lake today. its not too bad, though lol

From birdsite 

RT @AnnaForFlorida
Today we mark 7 years since the Supreme Court ruled in Obergefell v. Hodges that same-sex marriage must be recognized in our country. And now, more than ever, these freedoms are at risk. 1/2

Hey I found an open source menstrual cycle tracking app called Drip that doesn't call home to anyone and encrypts your data on your device. It's gender inclusive and it has a prebuilt version Android that you can get either on F-Droid or on their site here:

They have an iOS version but it's not pre compiled. I'll be working on that today so you can get loaded onto your Apple devices, along with the instructions to install it on said Apple device.

Please boost so others can see this!

yes i speak French. do i know it well? no. could i make it in a french speaking place? probably not lol. will i say really stupid shit in french just because? yes

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