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Me: How's Bigfoot after the accident?

Them: he's not out of the woods yet.

Me: oh, thank god for that.

Lois Lane: Come with me to the Bitcoin gala?

Clark Kent: Sure!

LL: Great! You’re going to love Crypto Night

CK: gonna love what now

amab? afab??? nah mate i’m ahab. where the FUCK is that whale

A land mass filled entirely with guys named Nate

A Natetion

Friend: I heard your upholstery lady is sick

Me: she was but she’s recovering

millipedes imply the existence of vanillipedes

Dracula is never rebooted, merely revamped

When the spoon was invented it really caused a stir

me: having a good birthday, captain?

pirate: aye matey

me: actually sir you're 43

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