@FuchsiaShock German drivers licenses and passports ("Personalausweis") have no gender marker. Never did (since 1945). And if even german bureaucrats don't need it, nobody does :)

@jaddy @FuchsiaShock

UK now allows non gendered titles (Mx) or none at all on a driving licence but there is a gender marker hardcoded into the number, I'm not sure what happens to that if someone transitions (there seems to be no provision for non binary people). Passport is just a unique number with no reference to gender coded into it.

@vfrmedia german kind-of ("Rentenversicherungsnummer") has a gendered 2-digit part. You get a new number when you transition. I think that's one of the very few official things still hardcoded binary gendered.

But they came in trouble with the new official enby genders "divers" and "none", so they decided to "include" enbys into the female number range 50-99.

For german soc.sec, there's now "males" and "others" 🤦


@jaddy @FuchsiaShock

these are the rules apparently

"month of birth (+5 for the first character if female)"

it looks as if the only reason it's in there was an assumption they could use birth sex as a simple way to separate all applicants into two numerical groups to try to uncluster otherwise not-evenly-distributed birth months

which really doesn't make a lot of sense when there are already random digits at the end.

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