Okay I didn't know was a hidden invitation to potentially work for Google now, and now I'm stressed. LOL

This is why you should not reuse passwords. Grab a password manager, like 1Password or LastPass, put it behind 2FA, and generate a fresh password* for every site you use.

*Password managers will autofill login forms for you, so you don't need to remember them!

‪Gonna mess around with discord apis in python so i can get a better understanding of the language while having fun with it‬

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Gonna spend this afternoon brushing up on Python. I haven't used it in almost two years since I took a class covering the basics!

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My kink 

I'm confused. IOMMU is enabled but Proxmox thinks otherwise.

I think the next steps for this particular server is to script the build process for TC.

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Finalized TrinityCore server and set up init.d scripts. She's ready. :>

IOMMU isn't working and I'm 30m late for bed. I'll have to figure this one out tomorrow but I'm guessing my system doesn't support it.

This is taking way longer than I expected. I've got IOMMU all ready to go, just waiting for a reboot and verification. Then I can sleep.

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If I can figure out how to passthrough my capture card (assuming I have IOMMU support) I could feasibly continue to use this as the streaming machine as before, but virtualized! Man, this shit is so cool.

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Too lazy to rebuild the Windows "server" machine, so I'm cloning it into a VM.

My new year's resolution is to start making backups.

Fortunately I found some other things to do while waiting. Finished up my trip application and put my dad's espresso machine to good use :ms_sweat_smile:

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Almost done setting this up! Would've been done sooner if I didn't have to copy over the game's files every time I built the damn thing >.>

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Wonder if I can run TrinityCore in an LXC container lmao

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