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I wish the CompTIA exam vouchers weren't so expensive 😔

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I'm starting to think that the appeal of sandbox games such as Minecraft under late capitalism lies in the players' encounter with a world where not everything is owned and defined already.
Especially for the majority of people that lives in urban surroundings these days, it may well be the first time they find themselves able to interact with their environment and shape something new.
It's closely related to the art of graffiti, redefining and in doing so appropriating the liminal and / or inaccessible spaces that abound in the urban landscape, such as bridges, tunnels, railroads and streets.

I got Rocksmith just now as a way to get back into playing an instrument. It was also 70% off so why not?! :>

Just came across easy2boot after trying (and failing) to boot FreeBSD ISOs from YUMI and multibootusb, and e2b is really neat for what it is. Also manages to boot FreeBSD ISOs too so that’s a bonus. 👌

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