"cross platform development"

oh, can I use this for an SMTP socket?

* must have TCP enabled in chrome
* no, but you can write a java extension for it
* we only do http requests here
* honestly I thought nobody would notice that we're just loading a page and requiring internet access here.

so, cool, frameworks that get me pretty far and then dump me straight back into rust/golang bindings for java... yeeesh

why must cross platform be so damn annoying.

this is without even getting into QT/GTK

tremor - discouraged 

Usually, I write with my left hand.
But, both hands are equally illegible to other people.

So, working on learning how to write with my right hand,

on a big empty desk, slanted paper, planted elbow...
combat breathing (4s in, hold 4s, out 4s)
heavy dose of beta blockers

and dammit, the shaking is going to make this difficult.
day after day after day.

My hands basically work like my nearly dead wireless mouse. And it's so damn frustrating, but I can't get myself new AAA's.

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