Analogue Photography Adventure continues 

I know it doesn't look impressive but hey!! It's our first self developed batch of film!! Can't wait to scan it on the weekend.

Analogue Photography Adventure continues 

@hollowspecter how do you plan to scan?


Analogue Photography Adventure continues 

@haimoptysis i've bought an “epson perfection“ last year which with i am scanning all my negatives since. The results are good enough for me :) i'm struggling a bit with dust as I am just scanning in my office and I should clean it more often 😅

Analogue Photography Adventure continues 

@hollowspecter hey thanks for sharing, scanning is still a pain and I am looking around to smooth my process. I currently use a DSLR with a 1:1 macro lens. Kind of slow procedure. Talking about dust, I am embracing the idea I cannot get rid of it. Good luck.

Analogue Photography Adventure continues 

@haimoptysis haha embracing is my strategy as well to deal with it 😁

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