Coming from statically typed languages and reading about duck typing... i.... i...... I LOVE IT!!!
I'm excited to learn GDScript, havn't learned a new (programming) language in a while.

"When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck"

@hollowspecter What statically typed language have you used before? On one end, C's types can be a pain, same for anything that requires type annotations, but something like Rust or Haskell is a very different experience.

@csepp I come from C++, C# and Java mostly :) I dabbled in some javascript here and some python there, but that's about it.

@hollowspecter Oh, yeah, that explains it, all those statically typed language are really verbose. 😆

@hollowspecter To clarify, I don't wanna imply that duck typing is bad compared to using Haskell. It's pretty nice for gamedev style scripting IMHO, but my experience with gamedev experimentation in Lua was that better types would have saved me from so many runtime errors.


@csepp Yeah, I keep reading experiences like that. I'm a very tidy programmer so I will probably not jump around with types to much (at least in the beginning, we'll see!).
Havn't ducktyped yet, but just reading about it made me dream about all the things I could do with it 🤔

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