Question about the fediverse! 

So... I'm brand new in the and I am discovering the different services. So when I want to start using say pixelfed, I will need to find an instance and create a new account, right? And can I like connect it somehow?
Help will be appreciated :)

Question about the fediverse! 

Mhhh so I think I did it? I just created a new account and linked back and forth?

Question about the fediverse! 

@hollowspecter Yeah, you would need a different account to use it. The federated part is that you can for instance follow @Wolfpaw and see the photos that I post to that Pixelfed instance.

Heck, you can even follow if you want to see posts from my website federated here!

You can then interact with each, assuming that the services that other accounts are on have a way to handle those interactions (these do).

Question about the fediverse! 

@david So I've created a new account... This is just a quick test if this link works:

Say I find a cool profile on pixelfed. How can I follow it? Like how do I get to the overlay that I can follow it from this Mastodon instance?

Thank you for your patience :)

Question about the fediverse! 

@hollowspecter I don't know if that's a thing. I manually search to follow, which isn't ideal. In the top left in the web Mastodon client you can type the username of the person (the @ + name + @ + pixelfed instance) to find them


Question about the fediverse! 

@david A brilliant, that's it! Thanks!

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