was unhappy with my misskey's domain n stuff, and you can't change it so had to re-setup misskey, my life is pain. Anyways, the Misskey dashboard is quite nice.

Just completed and what the fuck was that good, holy shit.

For those who want decent noise cancellation on Linux, you can use noisetorch (github.com/lawl/NoiseTorch), been using it for a few days and it does extremely well, would recommend checking it out.

Most people have heard of htop but have you heard of and tried btop? Provides a better user interface and more information than htop does, such as graphs, disk information, and more.

Completed my arch install, I think, now it's time for a nap.

In other news, going to be picking up a Trans + Lesbian pride pin, along with these clothes from the post office today, so that's pretty exciting and refreshing.

As a transfem who hasn't came out to their parents buying clothes for once that I actually want is exhilarating.

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