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Haven't made an yet, so here we go. I'm a 22 year old female software engineer and enthusiast. I am a huge nerd and heavily prefer it over windows. I am lesbian and go by she/her, and fae/faer. My main languages are Rust, Zig, C++, C, JS/TS, and occasionally some others such as Haskell, OCaml, and a few others. Hope to meet some other people and hangout, maybe more /hj we'll see how things role :)

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was unhappy with my misskey's domain n stuff, and you can't change it so had to re-setup misskey, my life is pain. Anyways, the Misskey dashboard is quite nice.

I really like misskey but hosting my own is kind of lonely and I don't know of any LGBT safe-space type of misskey instances, if anyone knows of one please let me know.

Thinking about it more, yeah I'm definitely lesbian/gay, while I've had thoughts contemplating if I'd date guys I don't think I would. I haven't had any attraction towards one, I've tried doing things like, s*x things with 2 before and they used me, I tried again with one recently and just didn't feel it. I don't feel romantically attracted to any either. I also just feel more comfortable with the label "lesbian" than "bi", though that is just a label, but I feel more comfortable with it.

I label myself as lesbian but I sometimes think about dating guys

Hosting a fedi instance I'm tempted to talk more on that instead, but at the same time all my followers and previous posts are here, so internal struggle.

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Just completed and what the fuck was that good, holy shit.

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alright here's my programming hot take.

you have heard it said that typing speed is not really important since it pales in comparison to thinking, designing, debugging, etc.

in my experience, a good portion of my days are *completely* dominated by typing speed.

My backlog is hundreds of bugs, and I know enough debugging techniques that they're all straightforward, given enough keystrokes. I'm mainly limited by how fast I can operate the keyboard.

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The thing I dislike the most about birdsite isn't the community, it's being forced to see news, depressing news at that, makes my depression and anxiety just spike to unreasonable levels.

Man, I'd legit lay in someone's arms right now, preferably @lunareclipse but they're asleep in call with me 🥺 I should sleep soon but storm scary

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If you can, please donate to me at I have literally $17 in my account. I don't have a job anymore so I'm unable to make money, although I am looking. Any donations would be appreciated. 🥺

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To anybody in DC planning protests for #scotus Use Signal for planning. Period.

Signal is heavily encrypted and incredibly secure. The messenger of choice for edward snowden and you can see exactly what they've been able to supply law enforcement at

get it here 👈

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