@codesections urls can contain parentheses (and they don't have to be balanced)

But balanced examples include links to wiki articles

source code, C crimes 

#define 👇 { #define 👆 } #define 👉 ( #define 👈 ) #define 👏 ; #include <stdio.h> int main() 👇 if 👉 5 > 1 👈 👇 printf 👉 "Hello!" 👈 👏 👆 else 👇 printf 👉 "Oh no!" 👈 👏 👆 👆

@dankwraith the game industry is basically a machine designed to turn people's passion for videogames into money in the pockets of executives

it'd be lit if 🏳‍⚤ (flag; zwj; interlocked female and male sign) would be a :flag_bisexual:

idk you can raise some issues with it being enby-exclusive but ⚤ is the closest thing to bisexual-signification that i've seen

suggestions welcome

@cpsdqs I like hiding data in software by loading a bunch of NaN values where you can embed like 23 bits of information per float32 and data analysis tools just show [NaN, NaN, NaN, NaN, NaN]

@Sylvhem all I can think of is this Korean comedian's "cover" of Nuit de Folie:


oh, and if we go musique francophone au lieu de francais, Stromae was pretty big overseas too

@ben mario just wants to practice his alpine skiing but sonic shows up and absolutely obliterates him at the winter olympics (as a prank)

re: honeypot 

@ben That page looks *wacky* when you don't have Courier on your system; I had to add a font { font-family: monospace !important; } to get it looking readable.

This is using my default system font, Inter:

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