@halcy interesting to tokenize real-time to ['real', 'time'] and not ['realtime']

if your Big Data person does NOT know what this picture means, get rid of them

if your Big Data person does NOT know what this picture means, get rid of them

@cpsdqs 咖 is an abbreviation for 'Coffee' but when you wanna (properly) say 'Internet Café' in mandarin you use 吧 which sounds like the English word 'bar', like an Internet Bar.

@ashfurrow re: dependencies, I just use pipenv and haven't had any problems (although, I never develop on Windows.)

@cpsdqs here is a video of my YouTube Experience™ where I go to an incredibly corporate youtube channel but just click the video and it starts playing in HD

Another QoL extension for YouTube I enjoy is SponsorBlock: github.com/ajayyy/SponsorBlock

@ben d, D, "d", letter between c and e gives me the vibes of a JavaScript type coercion puzzle

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