it'd be lit if 🏳‍⚤ (flag; zwj; interlocked female and male sign) would be a :flag_bisexual:

idk you can raise some issues with it being enby-exclusive but ⚤ is the closest thing to bisexual-signification that i've seen

suggestions welcome has an absolutely gigantic bundle of games out now, with all money going tothe NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund!

There is lots of great stuff in there, and also lots of extremely weird stuff. Extremely recommended.

@sir You had a pretty good take on the GitHub notifications redesign; do you have an opinion on the refreshed repository page?

anarcho bi svg 

<svg xmlns="" width="800" height="480">
<rect fill="" height="192" width="800" />
<rect fill="" y="192" height="96" width="800" />
<rect fill="" y="288" height="192" width="800" />
<path d="M 0,480 800,0 v 480 z" style="fill:#000000;fill-opacity:1;stroke:none" />

Firefox Nightly Preview (Android) is prompting, via full-screen modal, to add an app to the home screen for *every page* loaded that's a PWA.

stop it >:(

itaewon class spoilers 

"검은 머리가 더 예뻐요 언니"


itaewon class spoilers 

yo we got trans representation


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itaewon class spoilers 

i literally just started it why do they have to do me like this

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itaewon class spoilers 

앗 왤케 슬퍼졌어

울어 진짜...

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