@tuxcrafting the nim community was being nasty to a trans contributor, and when she asked them to revert her comments they went all techbro about it, misgendering her in their irc and making accounts on mastodon for the sole purpose of harassing her

and then they deleted/edited some stuff on the github issue where a lot of it went down, which is super shady to say the least

@guus I like the language, still gonna use it oneday. Fuck the inidviduals resposible though.

@guus @tuxcrafting The nim IRC started being *incredibly* transphobic to a developer. The developer asked to have their (I don't recall actual pronouns) commit removed. And then the nim team got really awful.


Doesn't seem like something they would do. Got any links?

@silverwizard @vegai It's mostly the IRC comments, and the github comments were deleted by nim, sorry
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