trans girls of fedi, do you sit when you pee or stand when you pee (most of the time)?

RT @TheSapphicEnby
When Hulk transforms, his shirt shreds to pieces to reveal his muscular torso. When She-Hulk transforms,her shirt still covers her chest.
I wonder if that may have to do with this odd cishet belief that men's chests are neutral, while women's chests are inherently sexual.


windows software just like my bitch (shes not responding)

Looking for tools/methods/advice/anything to help communicate when non-verbal.

I sometimes go non-verbal in specific situations, more often for positive reasons than negative ones.

So far i just have very basic charades and texting on my phone.

Boosts are appreciated :BoostOK:

What do you use to share (and more importantly automatically receive) IP banlists? I am mostly interested in IP addresses trying to brute force ssh passwords, but other bad actors would be also nice.

Preferably something I could easily integrate into fail2ban?

trans girl needs help w bills, pls boost 

i have a power bill due in a few days and if im still about a hundred dollars short, if i cant pay this on time ill lose my power

pls boost, anything helps!

cashapp: $digitalcreature

“no need to be a bad guy to protect from surveillance”
a graph/painting I saw in Paris about a year ago
aged well

trans, immutable bone structure, positivity 

rewatching ghost in the shell: standalone complex for the first time in a decade, and damn the way major the major is drawn makes me feel so much better about my shoulder:hip ratio

Whyyy do we get hiccups from spicy food, that sounds counterproductive from evolutionary perspective

Other than to make the experience worse?

Neurodivergent child: parent, i am neurodivergent

Neurodivergent parent: everyone's like that; fuck you

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