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Owls are not your friends. Remember: owls don't poop like you or I do, or how God intended. They puke feces. Out of their filthy, lying mouths. Do you really want to trust your solvency to a swivel-necked, moon-eyed hoot machine? Do not invest with them. Do not trust them.

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Your form contains invalid name-handling, fuck you and fuck everyone who worked on this.

Do better, there's no excuse for being this lazy and shitty when handling names.

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I was guilted into adding documentation to one app, and fixing the colour-changer (since a lot of people download it every week)

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felt cute, might delete later

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The person at the helm has the chance to do the funniest thing in history

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If you told me one year ago I would love a horrible lizard I would have believed you

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So glad public money was used to stick up a billboard

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this patient rules leave her alone

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