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Spending a relaxing evening asking Google what an imp sounds like

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Neat, I think I saw a Curlew today. From what I understand these are red-listed in Ireland 😔

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Google Highlights: remember that time, with the spoon? Ah memories...

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*taps masonry* this bad boy can fit so many sinners

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Red deer are amazing, and a bit intimidating

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I was proud of myself for making it relatively far into 6.041 (Applied Probability) after a few weekends of study, until the lecturer said "this brings us to the end of chapter II" 🙃

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My favourite meme format is Werner Herzog quotes on top of screaming possums

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Minions are an absolute blight on office presentations, I see the little fuckers way too often (which is, at all)

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at least the sweeping brush / washing stick is complementary

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@Cosmic_Wyrm @authorblues ParseError: expected pog, got cringe

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