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iconic images.

(random thought: you know those stories of how militaries refuse to "control" protestors because they feel they're on the wrong side...why does this never happen in India? After all, most Jawans are Kisans, aren't they?)


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I can only find sketchy left-wing sources for this, was there really a 250 million person strike in India?

Hell yes Yakutsk, a screaming eagle holding a screaming sable is an amazing coat of arms!

Keyboard layouts break my heart, how is mapping buttons to characters not a solved problem!?

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this works really well, I tried it in work!

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I'm writing a tool to autoscroll through all my dashboards for me, peak DevOps

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I'm rising a tool to autoscroll through all my dashboards for me, peak DevOps

I just got a popup advertisement in VS CODE. What the hell?!

( I did buy the extension license after, it was half price )

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Like, a lot. Two and a half barrels barn, two barrels burrowing, and a barrel of short-eared owl and assorted mammal viscera

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Shit I got a surplus of owl meat again you want? @SinSaoirse

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the thing that struck me rewatching this speech is he was referring to notes. This wasn't just ad libbed drivel, it was carefully written drivel.

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In these trying times we must live by the rousing words of our leaders 🤡🇬🇧

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