Alcohol showing, and opium mentioned. 

This year is the 80th birthday of this panel from Tintin where the captain says "what a week huh?"

Well it doesn't say that originally but still happy birthday :)

I'm reimplementing 2048, still in JavaScript but rendered in the <canvas> and as modulable as possible (custom grid sizes, colors, numbers etc.)
Interestingly, to reproduce the classic interface I hand-transpiled some of their scss to JS, and implemented a corner radius rectangle.
The implementation does not check for too high a radius and so this happens when you go beyond a circle:

On the Wikipedia article for BNF syntax, there is a description of BNF in BNF.

Now I'm worried about the article for regular expressions.

Here are a bunch of favicons I scrapped from the web in yet another useless project

One of my favorite things to do in is implementing an existing game like sudoku or Scrabble. Finding the right data structures, using cool algorithms, making automatic players... it's really exciting.

It's also often just complex enough to not be trivial but simple enough to only take a few days of on and off coding.

Here's an automatically generated Scrabble board that I made in

Mom can I implement matrices in JavaScript?
"To get better at math?"
*actually uses it to implement her first 3D engine from scratch*

(honestly very proud of this!)

small slug, very cute 

Hey there little buddy!

That's got to be the most polite warning I've seen from a UNIX program

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