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If somebody could just hire me to write little command line scripts in Python for the rest of my life, that would be great thanks

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Elon Musk's "Loop" - It's bad, folks: (YouTube)

(I failed to find it mirrored on Invidious)

trans stuff, mental health 

Other trans people: come out to their friends and family, get hrt, be happy
Me: puts a trans flag on my minecraft skin, cries

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Request for aid, money, gofundMe 

We're at 1/4 of our goFundme goal, to get our power repaired and turned back on.

We've had no electricity for almost 2 weeks and can't even keep or cook food.

The electric company will not do the necessary repairs.

We really need your help right now, and this combined with money already received will get the lights back on.

Please boost, share, and give if you can.


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Frick you, Wikimedia Commons! You're not gay enough!

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Notch, transphobia, justice for Simon Honeydew was granted 

Simon finally got his birthday wish

Darn you Internet, forcing me to think about color spaces

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masto bot idea: download random images, find their dominant colors and post them asking "is this ace/bi/trans/etc. pride?" if they match a pride flag

Probably a bad idea

niche gamedev joke 

One definite proof that we live in a simulation is that when I walk in a diagonal my speed is 2 instead of square root of 2 due to a developer oversight.

Constantly hoping that my tastes in music don't outpace storage space growth in computers

My current setup for a calendar is a python script that runs every morning through cron telling me how many days are left until each event. Who needs calendars anyway, right ? 🙃

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r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

Made an alignment chart for the different ways in which surveys ask for gender!

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