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Thanks to particle physics we can extrapolate new exotic people. You've heard of bottoms, but have you heard of stranges and charms?

Just heard a Youtuber say: "You know what else geckos are really good at? Hunting pray. And that brings me to our sponsor, Hunting Clash."

For fuck's sake it's a science communication video about gecko feet :ms_angry:

fictional gun violence 

If comedy is about transgression, why don't comedians make a bit about how they're going to kill the president of the United States, literally kill the president of the United States, they've got a handgun, they know where the president is going to be tomorrow at 29:20PM and he is going to die by their hand, this is not a joke

I don't like NSFW as a word for sexually explicit.

I have nostalgia for gameboy games released years and years before my birth because for a while they were my only videogames. I remember learning to use shell and to compile a gameboy emulator on my raspberry pi. The only one that didn't lag was a framebuffer one so I got used to the linux console. I didn't even have a controller

Fun times

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Around the world, birds deliver the mail! A poster I made featuring postal services that use birds in their logos 🐦 ✉️ #mastoart

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don’t use your legal name as your username when you sign up because there’s a pretty good chance you will want to change it within a year or two

This is not really a joke

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Affirmation from an unsupervised (but probably safe) bot 

Valid goo.

Humor is the most human quality? Hum, ever heard of sadness? War? My parents not pushing my bedtime past 9pm??

Currently enjoying the concept of light polarity
How cool would it be to have a polarity-sensitive sense of sight?

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Aw hey there lil guy… come on, don’t be shy, tell everyone your animal theory

Saw a gender non conforming kid for like two seconds in the street, made my day

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heres a photo i took in 2015 exploring themes such as "what if the film jammed in your camera while you were outside burger king"

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Should Microsoft be broken up?

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From birdsite 

RT @Kittygorian
You can join the effort both as a maker and a buyer! If you want to learn more and sign a petition asking Etsy to cancel the fee increase, please visit (2/2)

Share the word and don't cross the picket line!!

New tom7 video is great. On "harder drives", like hard drives but harder

What's your preferred unit for measuring gender? I like Lumen and Kelvin

The concept of dad jokes has been a great win in providing older men with non-terrible ways to do comedy

I made a script to generate these automatically, it was fun

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