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Climate change pessimism 

Headline from the future: Experts Predict World Population to Reach Preindustrial Levels Before Carbon Emissions

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Headlines from the future: "The Simpsons" season 48 to reinvent itself in "deltarune-style AU" says showrunner

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> Microsoft Windows 10 sends all new unique binaries for further analysis to Microsoft by default. They run the executable in an environment where network connectivity is available.

Is this what they call a free cloud computing environment :thinking_cirno:

Gender & Christianity 

Reading about gender in Christianity and learning that almost all Christianities consider God to be genderless, although God the Father is sometimes considered "of masculine gender" and God the Son is sometimes "incarnated as a male human".

One exception: Mormons made God cishet! He is married to the Heavenly Mother??? We humans are children of their marriage???? What the fuck you're not taking away my plural/genderfluid masc he/him enby God headcannon!!

Things I do on my computer instead of doing fun things:
- Compulsively check for package updates
- Defragment my btrfs partition and trim my SSD
- Switch between workspaces quickly, alternating left and right, keyboard or trackpad gesture
- Go into a random old project an update dependencies
- $ curl
- Open and close my own website a few times

Repeat ad nauseum

Just passed someone wearing a "real men have beards" hoodie. They didn't have a beard. Trying to tell us something... ?

I mean it's possible they don't know what it means, seeing as I live in France, but still... Suspicious 🤔🤔🤔

"The NFT Bay" Shares Multi-Terabyte Archive of 'Pirated' NFTs * TorrentFreak

A torrent with *all* NFTs on Ethereum and Solana, at once. The ultimate right-click.

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Transphobia, insults directed at unnamed person 

Fuck you. Fuck you. I will call you transphobic whether you like it or not. Accept my terms, or fuck off. Don't even pretend like you care about "legal sex", you fucking hypocrite.

I'm done with letting people disrespect me

In fiction aliens often call us mammals or primates. "These hairless apes are attempting contact"
How about they call us bilaterians ? "Hello, tubes of poop and future poop! We come in peace!"
Or vertebrates: "Hello, columns of hard stuff surrounded by soft stuff!"
Repeat with every weird but accurate description of different branches of life

But then again, having the reflex to repetitively press Ctrl+W whenever I see a Google page is a pretty good idea lol

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With the way my browser is set up right now, any Google cookie consent page automatically opens a copy of itself immediately upon loading, creating a tab bomb

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mutual aid request for food, pls boost! 

stuffs been a bit better but im down to a single bagel and half a jar of peanut butter, help is always appreciated thank yall so much

cashapp: $digitalcreature

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New UI design paradigm: material design x those low quality but charming animations on bowling alleys

Bad: my way of pronouncing it is the only correct way
Good: there is no correct correct pronunciation, do whatever you want
Better: the way to pronounce it is the way most people will understand
Best: the only correct way is the one that makes my pun work

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