God I hope this is the appointment where I get the hormones. Really want to leave with the pills in the little orange bottle. Or patches, my doctor likes patches. Whatever. Something written down on a prescription pad that says Estradiol somewhere.

This Thursday morning I’ll find out. Less than a week.

I’ve been waiting to debut Nat, my name, to my offline friends, until I get the pills, do two announcements at once, get people to take the name thing more seriously. But it’s starting to grate when people use my old name - which I can’t blame them for doing, using the only name I ever gave them - I just don’t wanna wait too much longer.

@gnat i wish u the best with this appointment and with ur friends :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

@categorille :blobcathearttrans: thank you!

My friends are going to be great about it - I’m sure I’m worried about nothing - but overthinking unlikely problems is one way to deal with stress I guess

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